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  Your Discord is trash.
Posted by: lolyoufail - 12-15-2019, 07:34 AM - Forum: General Chat - Replies (5)

It has come to my attention that I made the mistake on ever trying to interact with anyone on that toxic chatroom server of yours on Discord.  Your Staff there, namely <b>Jaser</b>, is a passive aggressive troll who thinks does the right thing about those who start shit with others, especially if the one starting such are his buddies whom he has within his little cesspool of a circlejerk group which no doubt spans several years since this site started. 

That's to be expected however, the time I have been around on Discord has taught me just how much can a person degrade into a bullying asshole on which they pretty much get away in doing shit to others who are not deem "worthy" of being on it or on this site.   It is hilarious you claim there is "lots of activity" when anyone posts any other time they ever feel like, except some shitposter who continues spamming the General channels and considers that "discussion openers."  Then we got other manchild trolls who get upset because I could care less about some stupid brony cancer game they ever made such as that idiotic "fighting my little pony game" they got a cease and desist from Hasbro to begin with.

Apparently if you stand up to these assholes Staff like Jaser will have a fit and will threaten you with being banned and accuse you of "harassing" said trolls when you argue with them in private on a DM.  Shit's sad bro. 

But I hear this message board is also a cesspool of drama, then again, I am sure I will get banned from here as well for ever trying to associate with anyone who likes Digimon as much as I do.  Think I will pass. On top of this, the site itself hasnt got any major update for a long time, and I dont see any updates on its gallery, which is the sole place I ever bothered with.   Yet you get away in being bullies to those who join that Discord of yours.  What kind of fans are you exactly?

I am not sorry for anything I did in the short time I was on that Discord of yours.  You are as bad as any toxic server I had been where staff defends assholes who get away in starting shit with others because you refuse to lick their ass. Keep your shitty Discord.

Not that anyone uses it anyway :) 


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  Happy Thanksgiving!(Deja Vu!)
Posted by: Renafan - 11-23-2018, 02:19 AM - Forum: General Chat - Replies (2)

In North America, today is Turkey Day/Early Black Friday/etc.,  but I was thinking of this place and the happiness it brought me in the wee hours when I was in college and stressed out over biology(I had to choose the HARD Biology lol)...I'd come here.  Happy Thanksgiving everyone.  Hope you're with your families today and stay safe.  It's...kinda cold out there today!(7 degrees with a low of -3F....ouch).

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  hello everyone
Posted by: Mars The Great - 10-14-2018, 11:04 AM - Forum: General Chat - Replies (5)

hello everyone.

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  Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
Posted by: Renafan - 11-24-2017, 12:33 AM - Forum: General Chat - Replies (3)

Sorry If I'm late lol.  I'm not around as much as I should be(I'm still hardcore Digimon fandom) but I just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving.  Yeah yeah, it's an American holiday but it's a good one...it's a time to be humble and thankful for what ya have.  I'm thankful for this site and the long gone DHZ but mostly my family.  We're spread out so thin right it's not funny.  Anyway, have a good day guys and girls.

-Renafan Gao

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  AIM Shutting Down Dec 15th
Posted by: Jaser - 10-07-2017, 02:06 AM - Forum: General Chat - Replies (2)

Whoa. Got to know so many people back in the day back on AIM. So many memories. MSN and Yahoo Messenger have also already shut down I hear.

Lately I've been using Discord to talk to people mostly, then some Facebook and IRC. The DaD Discord sees a lot of activity so if you aren't there yet hit the button at the top.

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  q and a zone is it out there
Posted by: shedninja - 07-13-2017, 10:01 AM - Forum: General Chat - No Replies

why did the dhz q and a zone stop
I know the reason is that too meny people were being dicks  but still I was searching the endless knowledge <sub> aka the web </sub>
to find something like it but alas to no avail. So I am asking anyone who knows if there is anything outther like it.
Also <b>if who ever was the Q&A guy </b> can we chat because I am wondering how you were able to deal with some of the stupid questions

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  About when I log in...
Posted by: filgaia - 07-10-2017, 07:44 PM - Forum: General Chat - Replies (5)

Funny thing about this forum...every time I log in, there's one user (me) and 40+ guests in the last 15 minutes...if we had a reason for some of them to join, we might revive the forums, then maybe the site one day.

I mean...they can't all be bots...right?

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  Life through Discord?
Posted by: Sophiel - 05-16-2017, 10:42 AM - Forum: General Chat - Replies (7)

I don't know how many are left, this place  has been exceptionally dead for a while. But how many of you would be interested in a DaD Discord server or at the very least a general digimon server (viability of NSFW content can be discussed), perhaps the site needs to evolve with the times, update for the area of social media and community focus interaction. I'm willing to put in some of the leg work to get the ball rolling, but I'm just putting out feelers to see if there's any interest from the core that remains here first. I mean if I can't get any interest from you guys, I can't imagine I will elsewhere.

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Posted by: Sophiel - 02-28-2017, 04:47 PM - Forum: General Chat - Replies (1)

Just curious if anyone still RPs Digimon around here or at least knows of an active place that does. I miss the once strong role playing community we had... even if it's been a millennia.

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  HAPPY (late) NEW YEAR!!!
Posted by: Salem A. Delgado - 01-05-2017, 01:03 AM - Forum: General Chat - Replies (15)

I feel a celebration is in order! Let us celebrate both the site's, and our own selves, surviving a pretty shitty year! And let us pray that, after the fiasco that was 2016, 2017 will be FUCKING MAGICAL!

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