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Posted by: Takatofan1986 - 08-22-2015, 01:08 AM - Forum: General Chat - Replies (6)

I hope this is okay... there used to be a fourm for this kind of stuff but I don't see it now.

I have been a member here, off and on, with different names, since 2003 or so.

I am a 28 year old guy, and I have a lot of issues. One of the biggest things is I have a very rare condition called Mobious Syndrome. Basically, my face is crooked. My mind is fine, but... if you looked at me, you would assume there was something wrong, and most do. Only had one friend most of school, and they only came around when they were really bored or wanted something. When I was working, I finally made a couple friends at one point, that we would actually go and do things. It didn't last that long, but it was awesome while it lasted.

I DO have a boyfriend, but even though we've been together 6 years, he still hasn't moved here, he visits, but on most days I only get to see him about 3 hours a day, and those 3 hours I am on cloud 9, but the rest of the day I get sad, lonely, bored, and depressed really easily.

The other big issue I have is Aspburgers - it's a autism spectrum disorder, and I get obsessed with things, IE Digimon. But also TV in general, Anime and Music too. The other part of this is that I'm socially awkward, and don't know how to act around people, and then when people do talk to me, I get really paranoid that I am annoying them, and stop talking to them.

With the aspburgers, it causes a few problems now at my age. First of all, my obsessions are stuck in the past. I would rather rewatch anime and tv shows I have watched a million times over. I mean... I am SURE I have watched Tamers at LEAST 100 times, and I'm not even exaggerating. Same thing with the show Friends.

I used to have a lot of online friends. Even when I would lose one or two I would find another. A few stuck with me for many many years, but I'm down to one close friend online that isn't my boyfriend... But he has issues and focuses on himself, not a balanced friendship.

My oooold best friend would tell me what anime to watch, and he would... usually steer me the right direction, some great anime I wouldn't have went near without him. (Seriously: Yakitate!! Japan, watch it!!!) But somehow without that direction I generally don't watch a lot new, though I have taken a few chances lately and found a couple interesting shows, but that doesn't happen that often.

I feel like I do just about the same things that I used to, but, I just don't find friends like I used to. Another issue I have is, at my age, I would feel weird talking to, teenagers for example, so I am afraid to reach out to people especially in this fandom because, I know there are many like me that have stuck with Digimon and are older, but I know there is also a younger audience.

I don't really know what I'm trying to say. If anyone reads this and wants to PM me or anything, I welcome that, but I am assuming this was just weird, and I'm sorry for that. I hope I didn't break any rules or anything.

Thanks for reading.

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  I didn't win the superbowl
Posted by: Shadowknight - 07-21-2015, 03:30 AM - Forum: General Chat - Replies (3)

But I'm going to Disneyland! Taking bets now on how many princesses I can get restraining orders from lol. Need to get pics with Anna and Elsa (Niece is a crazy frozen fan, she'll flip lol), Jasmine (My personal favorite princess.), Belle (Second place after Jasmine), and Ariel (Sister's favorite princess, gotta rub in that I met her lol). Only for a one night one day trip, so sadly won't get to do much but can't wait to share pics, if pics are possible when I get back.

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  Same-Sex Marriage Legalized in the US!
Posted by: Jaser - 06-27-2015, 02:17 AM - Forum: General Chat - Replies (7)

The Supreme Court of the United States just made same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states. Awesome.

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  In relied!!! tanoshiidane!!
Posted by: Midorimon - 06-09-2015, 10:36 PM - Forum: General Chat - Replies (3)

I‘ve just finish COLLAGE ENTRENCE EXAM yesterday.XDDD

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  Survivors, sound off.
Posted by: Bee - 06-09-2015, 03:56 PM - Forum: General Chat - Replies (33)

well, boys and girls and in-betweens, looks like we're gonna do something to revamp this old place....she's been a good site, made a lot of great friends here. She deserves to keep going.

I guess this'll be a basic meet and greet thread. Find out who's around, maybe meet some friends, old and new. Breathe some new life into an old board.

My name's Bee, formally the Cowboy from Hell. The resident bot-slayer, moderator, and general fuckup at large. My hobbies include gunsmithing and gaming in general. I've got a wealth of knowledge on firearms, militaria, and general history(and I'm not afraid to call people out on when they fuck it up). I came here...god, years back. Met my pack, discovered what furries are.....and one by one, lost my pack. But, what can I say? I met my wonderful fiancee, Tigerlily, on these very boards, 7 years ago, and from there, it's been one hell of an adventure. As of right now, I'm 25, my 'sona is a Hermaphrodite Tiger/Wolf(Long story, maybe you'll get to hear it), my digimon partner has, and always will be, Sam, a now grey Renamon because I keep fucking with shit, her code included. I can't leave a single thing alone, can I? Current loadout consists of a Para USA P14.45 Expert Stainless and a 1944-dated Lee-Enfield Number 5 Mark 1 Jungle Carbine(Yes, they're real) Why am I telling you this? I have no idea. I'm not really good with this talking sort of thing. I just sorta do things.

Anyways, come on in, sit by the trashfire, have a drink, and tell us a little about yourselves. This interaction thing is the only way we're going to get this old refugee camp back into the thriving metropolis it once was.

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  Digital signature?
Posted by: - 05-22-2015, 07:26 AM - Forum: General Chat - Replies (2)


can someone tell me how to input text on PDF where it doesn't allow me to? I need to get something digitally signed and emailed asap but it wont let me sign where I need to. Please give your valuable suggestions.


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Posted by: Sophiel - 05-14-2015, 05:44 PM - Forum: General Chat - Replies (9)

Has anyone tried to spread word of our continued existence? Perhaps to try and capture some new blood And fresh talent? Tweet it, make a journal on FA (c'mon, I know some of you are furs), whatever. I mean there's still a population of people interested, but they seem scattered throughout digital space. Perhsps we should try to round them up.

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  It seems no one is here…
Posted by: Midorimon - 04-28-2015, 12:28 AM - Forum: General Chat - Replies (19)

Sadly feeling.And I found that it can also type 中文...

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Posted by: mestrej - 02-07-2015, 03:12 PM - Forum: General Chat - Replies (7)

I only have one question: does anyone still use this forum or it was abandoned?

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  Can I still write lemons?
Posted by: floramon - 11-03-2014, 12:34 AM - Forum: General Chat - Replies (4)

Can I still write lemons? My name was Daniel. Blush


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