Dark Jester

Digimon Stories
Poromon's Playtime Poromon/Demiveemon Rape
Gatomon's Crush Gatomon/Gomamon  
A Ghostly Experience Biyomon/Gatomon YURI / Rape
Capture And Control Digmon/Flamedramon YAOI / Rape
Armadillomon's Love Armadillomon/Cody YAOI
The Naked Truth Gabumon/Biyomon  
Empty Hearts Gatomon/Armadillomon  
Veemon's Bathtime Veemon/Gomamon YAOI
Catnapped Gatomon/Demidevimon Rape
House Call Biyomon/Patamon  
'Pussy' Cat Kari/Gatomon  
April Fools Armidillomon/Biyomon  
Sora's Return All the Digimon/Sora YURI / Orgy
Aqua's Playtime Aquarivamon/Flamedramon bondage/Noncons
Dragon Stories
Furs and Scales Dragon(male)/Vixen(furry female fox) Noncons
Dragon Rape Dragon(Male)/Dragon(Male)/Dragon(Female) Rape
Dragon Legends
The Awakening Sarah/? Rape
Pokemon Stories
First-Aid Vulpix Charmander(male)/Vulpix(female)  
Mating Outside your Species Judy(female, made upcharacter)/Dragonite(male)  
Little Red Riding Vulpix Houndour(male)/Vulpix(female) Noncons
The Priceless Christmas Present Flareon(male)/Vaporeon(female)  
Royalty and Slavery Vulpix(female)/Eevee(female) Noncons/Bondage
Snake Bite Habuneeku(male)/Sandshrew(female) Noncons/Vore


Dark Jester, you should make a sequel to First-Aid Vulpix and Mating Outside your Species. I loved both stories and I think there should be more to the stories. [Keyblademaster08]

I love this guys stories. Especially the Dragon and Pokemon stories. I look foreward to more in the future. [Chaos Master]

DJ r00Lz [Hyper]

I loved your lemons but your pokemon one's were the best I've read in quite a while. Espescially Royalty and Slavery. But it could have been longer. [Steven Hardy]

you shouId make a part 2 for fur and scales [Silent Fox]