Gatomon's Troubles Gatomon/Tai  
What Were They Doing? Agumon/Kari  
Tai's Admirer Tai/Sora  
I Need Relief! Gatomon/Gabumon  
Confessions, Who's? Read... Matt/Sora  
Reunited?  Maybe Tai/AngeWomon  
Well That Didn't Last for Very Long Patamon/Gatomon  
Wanna Play? T.K./Kari/Gomamon  
A Match Made in Heaven Angemon/Mimi  
Secrets Shared, While Getting More Agumon/Biyomon & Palmon/Gabumon  
Worst Enemies or Best Couple? WereGarurumon/Gatomon  
Decisions are Too Hard to Make Gabumon/Gatomon/Tai  
Geek?  I Think Not Mimi/Izzy  
Two Loves One Solution Sora/Gatomon/Tai  
Girls Will be Girls, But with Dogs Sora/Gabumon  
Care to Cum with Me Izzy/Mimi/Tentomon  
Will You be There for Me? Agumon/Palmon  
Numero Uno Amor (#1 Love) Agumon/Biyomon  
She's Mine Not Yours Sora/Matt  
Joe's Luck Mimi/Joe/Lillymon  
The 'Now the Fun Begins' Series
Oh!  Now it Makes Sense n/a  
He's Not Around, What am I Gonna do? Sora/Gatomon YURI
A Date With my Best Friend's Boyfriend Biyomon/Tai  
Let me Teach You Something T.K./Gabumon YAOI
Mind Games Agumon/Izzy YAOI / rape
Let's Play Again Kari/Patamon  
Not Quite Finished Yet Gatomon/Biyomon YURI
My Lost Love Joe/Mimi & Tentomon/Palmon  
Let's Go Another Round Gatomon/Tai  
We Got Plenty Of Time Tai/Gatomon & Matt/Biyomon & Sora/Gomamon  
Child's Play T.K./Kari/Patamon  
One Final Kiss Tai/Sora  
Caged, but not Punished Izzy/Palmon  
My little Sister's Growing Up Gabumon/Kari  
The Shadow of our Dreams Matt/Biyomon  
The 'Things Are Not What They Seem' Series
A New View on Things n/a  
What's Yours is Mine Veemon(Davis)/Floramon  
Love Within Different Eyes Gatomon(Kari)/Patamon  
Looks of a Goddess Veemon(Davis)/Gatomon(Kari)  
Emotions of a Digimon Agumon(Tai)/Biyomon(Sora)  
Forest of Truth and Love Gatomon(Kari)/T.K.  
The Unlikely Switch Kari(Gatomon)/Patamon(Matt)  
Agent Within Gatomon(Kari)/Gazimon  
Servants Of The Bird Floramon/Yolei  
Manipulator's Influence Gatomon/Hawkmon  
The Marionette Kari/Agumon  
Darkness Within Gabumon/Floramon Rape
The 'Lion's Gate' Series
So Let It Begin Floramon/Gazimon Rape
A Warrior's Regret Floramon/Gazimon/Gizimon Rape
The Ancient's Plight Palmon/Gizamon Rape


Finish your "Things Are Not What They Seem" series! For all the creative effort you spend writing lemons you could have rewritten the entire Digimon series into something to be loved even by normal people. [Someone]

I just love these stories! Chronos is just great.... I think don´t u?... :) [Nightcrawler]

Ah, someone who actually keeps their characters IN CHARACTER. [Some random idiot]

This guy is my favourite author. I love his lemons! I also like the way he writes himself into the story's. He really writes a series. He should hurry up and finish them though, I can't stand the waiting anymore!!! [Drake]

Chronos comes up with some truly original ideas. His 'Things are Not the Way they Seem' series is excellent, with the Digidestined having to learn what it is like to be a digimon. It's amazing how something simple as having a tail could be so different. [Redrover]

i think yor lemons r awesome. they rock my socks [mr. banana]