Through Sickness and Health Angewomon/Kari  
There's More Than One Way to Quit Smoking T.K./Yolei  
A Furry Relationship Mimi/Leomon  
The Dark Masters Reincarnate and the Beginning of Season 03 n/a lime/comedy
"Eel" lectrified Lillymon/Mimi/Many eels  
Tank Cop's "A Mother's Love" MSTed T.K./Nancy MST
Confused n/a  
Gabumatic's "Angewomon's Double Dose" MSTed BlackWarGreymon/Angewomon/Leomon MST
How Does Your Garden Grow? Renamon/Ruki/Blossomon & Ruki/Renanon Rape,Lactation, Pregnancy, YURI, Diapers
The 'The Fallen' Series
The Arrival Renamon/Ruki YURI
Renamon Vs. Angeteen