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Full Version: Digimon Capsule Game
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Here how this thing works.

the first will say: This capsule contains (whatever).

Next person wiull have to come up with a funny situation regarding what's in the capsule. Then they leave another capsule for the next person.

I'll start.

This capsule contains a baseball bat.
*Bats the baseball at a dancing Barney in the street*

This capsule has a micro-wave.
My roasted chicken explode,

This capsule has a mouse.
*opens the capsule and sees a USB mouse* Okay, which fool mixed up the mice and the mouse again?

The capsule has a small egg inside it.
Swallow it in one gulp, including the dirty skin.

Inside the capsule has coins.
COINS! *quickly tries to stuff the egg into a gambling machine, and breaks it in the process*

Manager: Sir, the egg doesn't fit into that slo----

Kurtz: SHUT UP, I'M BUSY! *trying to force the remains of the egg as well as the coins into the slot*

Inside the capsule is an Aquaveemon. XD
Faiz : Hello, sexy. Wanna have a sex?
Aquaveemon : Oh...hell...NO! *slaps his face*

Inside the capsule has cutie Mitsuki.
*opens the capsule* Cant I have you're autograph

The capsule contains Gunter
Nath: GUN! *huggles him* WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~~

Kurtz: *knocks Disturbed away* I was in the toilet. *smiles and offers his paw to her* Heya love. May I get ya a drink or food?

The capsule contains Kurtz and DMX.
Faiz : *grins as kicks their butt, shivers* Ohh...I loves it...

The capsule has an amplifier.