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My Gabumon lemon (The fulfillment of Gabumon's love)
I would like to ask for opinions on my Gabumon lemon. I would like to continue, but first I would like to hear your opinion. Please help me. I welcome ideas for the next part in a private message or in the comments.

Gabumon x male OC (a man named Rafe)

Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon or any of the characters from it, it currently belongs to Toei Animation, Co. Ltd and Bandai Namco Entertainment!
The male human protagonist of this fanfiction has upper arm length brown hair, and has dark blue coloured eyes. He has light skin, and a slim body type (he shares a lot of similarities to Yamato from Adventure ;) ) His personality type is INFJ just like Yamato. He's a deeply caring person, who would do anything for his loved ones, especially for his digimon partner, Gabumon...
It was late afternoon, the sun softly filtering through the bedroom window. Dazzling rays glowed across the room as if it bathed in molten gold. Gabumon was lying on the bed next to Rafe's naked body, facing him with slightly closed lashes. With his fingers, he caressed the wild waves of his love's long brown hair. His chest raised excitedly with each breath. He had been waiting for this moment for a long time, but now he could barely articulate his confused thoughts.
But he had to do it. He couldn't wait long. He wanted to express his infinite love and affection for Rafe, but the words that would described his overflowing emotions most accurately and beautifully simply did not come to his mouth. He sighed nervously. He looked up at Rafe's face, where now a worried, confused expression sat as he heard a sigh. Well, it's going to be even harder now, Gabumon thought cheerfully. He tried to organize the things on his mind.
"What's wrong, Gabumon?" Rafe asked, and it didn't surprise Gabumon. He knew he would always notice things like that. He knew he was always paying attention to him. Gabumon, however, never understood how he deserved it, but in any case he enjoyed this loving, caring attention.
Gabumon looked deep into his eyes, trying to force a smile on himself. Pull yourself together, he urged himself, for there was no going back now. He had to tell him.
He took a deep breath and let the words come by themselves. "Rafe, I just love being here with you, and… I know it came all of a sudden." He felt himself blush up to his ear, but he continued anyway. " I’ve never met anyone, who cares about me and love me as much as you do. Only you focused on me with all your attention from the very first moment, and I don’t even know why." By the end of the sentence, his voice was shaking. "You're always so good to me. How can I thank you for all this?"
"Gabumon, honey," Rafe put his arm around Gabumon's soft, velvety body. "Don't think about such things, just live them. There are things that cannot be explained and put into words."
"Words simply cannot tell how much I love you, Rafe," Gabumon blinked shyly, slowly lowering his head and kissed Rafe on the wrist as he reached towards him.
Rafe smiled and pulled him closer. Gabumon laid on his chest, then soon climbed on it with his whole body and rested comfortably on the upper body of his love. His heart raced insanely; he feared that Rafe might hear it. He felt indescribably overwhelming love inside.
"Then don't tell me, just show me," Rafe caressed over his back, pressing a gentle kiss to Gabumon's little wet nose.
"How should I show it?" Gabumon looked up with sparkling eyes. When Rafe looked down at him, he already knew what to do. "Like this?" He asked, moving slowly down his mouth, starting from Rafe's chest. He kissed and licked all the way to his navel, to which Rafe responded with lustful sighs. His hand willingly followed Gabumon's moving figure, he was in the same place, lost in his navy fur coat, where he had been before. He didn't regret what he asked for.
Gabumon’s adventurous movements eventually reached Rafe’s most essential point: his powerfully branching, beautiful, vibrant cock.
"You're so beautiful," Gabumon breathed, wrapping his fingers gently around his thickness first. He could see that some glowing drops of excitement had already appeared on its top, the number of which continued to grow as Gabumon made some teasing gestures with his hand.
He had longed for him incredibly. He wanted more and more of him every day. He began teasing him with his racing heart and made the movements enthusiastically. He could hardly believe that a cock of this size could completely fill him from the inside, which was not painful at all.
"Gabumon…," Rafe moaned, throwing his head back on his pillow. His muscles tensed all over his body and flooded him with heat inside and out. His face was soon covered in a visible blush.
"Rafe," Gabumon replied, but his hands continued the sweet torture. He wanted to turn him on completely, because he loved listening to his satisfied voices, andit was the most beautiful music to his ears. "You're beautiful, everywhere.”
However, Rafe no longer answered, only surrendered to this fantastic feeling with a loud sigh. He wished Gabumon would never stop it, who continued faster and faster.
He got into the swing of work, and when he began to feel tired, he slowly lowered his face and gave a hot kiss to his cock. At this point, Rafe suddenly gasped, and Gabumon gave him another kiss. This was eventually followed by more and more kisses until he stretched out his tongue and spiced it up with a tiny lick. Rafe began to writh beneath him, and his hips lifted up into the air.
"Gabumon…," he gasped with intense pleasure in his voice.
Gabumon smiled, but became emboldened. He opened his mouth a crack and wrapped his lips softly around his glans so Rafe can get used to the feeling. Then he went lower, took more and more of it into his mouth, and moved down further with a gentle motion. By then he had his cock deep in his mouth.
Rafe gasped with the intensity of the feeling and enjoyed Gabumon's talent with his eyes tightly closed. His fingers slipped up to his love's head, and his fingers tangled in his silky fur.
Gabumon moved his tongue around his cock in circular motions, then took Rafe into his mouth again. He licked his sweet juices from him, and that’s when he started sucking him in a consistent pace. His hand gripped his partner's swollen, rock-hard manhood right at his mouth, and with each deep touch of his lips, his fingers lowered below his length.
"Gabumon… You're so good!" He heard constant moans over his head. "I love you! I love you…"
Gabumon slipped out of his mouth the most beautiful cock he had ever seen in his life to answer him.
"I love you too, Rafe," he muttered a bit shyly, but a mischievous grin hid in the edge of his mouth. "Is it good?"
"The best, darling," Rafe replied immediately. "I hope it's good for you too."
"Better than anything," Gabumon smiled and returned to teasing.
He leaned between Rafe's legs and continued to have a snack on his partner's body. He pushed it into his mouth for as long as he could, but he didn't stop for a moment.
Then Rafe reached forward leisurely, and he clasped his hands with Gabumon’s, his eyes closed and his mouth open from desire. Gabumon's heart was filled with infinite love. He never even felt like that. He felt that he could show immense love to the most important person in the world with what he was doing.
He knew that Rafe loved him too, and he loved him more than anything. That was only what mattered to him; Rafe's happiness. He loved him inside and out, and now, even in this situation, when his body was heating up, his face flushed he murmured sweeter and sweeter things for him. He only regretted not being able to express his emotions in words while enjoying this kind of pleasure. That is why he put his heart and soul into it. How delicious, he thought in surprise. Sweet, special, and addictive… Just like him.
Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Rafe slowly raise his head, open his eyes, and Gabumon looked up at him, and their gazes met for a long second in a longing, passionate, loving look. Gabumon felt an even greater warmth inside, which made him get carried away. He accelerated his movements; their hands tightly intertwined, their eyes locked as he slid his love’ cock within himself with a definite momentum, pulling it in and out.
"Ahh, my Gabumon," Rafe sighed, loudly, to his own surprise. He didn't think Gabumon could make such sounds out of him, but of course he didn't mind. He was filled with pride no matter how many times he uttered his name, so he often did it whenever he had the opportunity.
Only Gabumon could hear and see him like that, no one else. Before him — and, of course, in many other positions — he could calmly reveal himself, and he would never feel ashamed for it. And that made Gabumon happy, too. He visibly loved seeing Rafe like that, he wouldn’t have thought to complain; he rejoiced in his strong and wild enjoyment.
"Gabumon, slow down," Rafe's voice grew hoarse as a familiar feeling began to vibrate in his stomach. He came dangerously close to being swept away by the unbridled wave of an orgasm. "I'll cum!" He slurred, and Gabumon was already lowering his pace.
He watched his partner's reactions and requests willingly, wanting to please him forever. In both senses, of course, the mischievous thought flashed through his mind and he almost chuckled.
As Rafe's perfectly hardened and thickened manhood came out of his mouth, Gabumon expected them to start something even more exciting. However, when Rafe gave him a knowing look, he knew it was still not over.
"Let me pamper you too," Rafe said as he sat up in bed and kissed Gabumon on the mouth the next moment. "I want you to enjoy it as well."
Gabumon lowered his fiery red eyes. "But I enjoyed it," he blurted out, and Rafe laughed out loud.
"I know, but I think you'd like that.
Rafe waited while Gabumon nodded as he didn't want to force anything on him. He never did anything until Gabumon went into things completely voluntarily and of his own free will. He always waited patiently for him. He could have waited for him for as long as he loved him more than anyone else in the world and would have done everything for him. Everything. As now. He wanted to show him how much he loved and longed for him.
Slowly, he lied his love on the pillows on his back as he kissed his body lovingly before he began to pet.
"Be sure to tell me if something isn't good, darling," Rafe whispered with a pounding heart, as he was already maximally hungry for the full connection between them.
"All right," Gabumon smiled. He loved this tremendous attention from Rafe and that he felt more special every minute. Gabumon experienced true love only from him.
After Rafe had thoroughly explored his body, he opened Gabumon's legs to get between them, then slowly bent down between his thighs and pressed one last kiss to the center of the pink markings on his belly. Then he returned to his half-hard length and began the process with what Gabumon had done before. He kissed his  glans softly, and when Gabumon looked at him with longing in his eyes that he finally couldn't resist, he opened his mouth around the hot skin and carefully, gently embraced him. He could barely take it all the way because Gabumon was much larger than his own, even in his not-quite-prepared state.
When Gabumon first felt the caress of Rafe's hot tongue, he let out a prolonged, passionate sigh and closed his eyes tightly.
"Rafe," he muttered into the air, but his partner knew he was enjoying it, so he didn't care. He just continued the teasing, in which he took full pleasure as well.
Gradually he went deeper and deeper, almost halfway there, feeling Gabumon begin to swell in his mouth to its full thickness and length. But he didn’t care much about that either; he continued to do it as if he hadn't noticed.
And Gabumon became louder and more agile from him. It was a good feeling for him to be in the mouth of his love and he really enjoyed every move Rafe made. He raised his head to look down at him, and his gaze lingered on him from under his long black lashes for a long time. There was a lustful smile on the edge of his mouth as his face was covered in a deeper shade of blush.
It was a beautiful sight as his partner pampered him between his legs, at one of his most secret, most precious points, which became even more special because only his love could touch. He liked the picture in front of him, and it turned him on more than anything.
"Rafe," he leaned back into the air on the pillow, feeling almost helpless with the torturous pleasure. "You are so skilled and so good…"
Rafe just nodded as he sucked his cock faster and faster, and both hands slipped into Gabumon's soft hair, the soft touch of which made him even more excited. For Gabumon, time and space ceased and he excluded the noise coming from outside the room as far as he could, concentrating only on Rafe and his magical mouth. He could hear each of his fluttering tongues on his triple-swollen manhood, which set him on fire even more. A strong sound of sippings and wet squidges crossed the room and echoed through Gabumon's listening and attentive ears. He wondered for a moment if he had done it so loudly to Rafe before. He was too preoccupied with oral job and Rafe’s sighs to pay attention to it as well.
A particularly loud moan filled the room that fell from Gabumon's throat, who knew immediately that this was the end. He had to stop Rafe, what he wanted to ignore principally but he didn't want to cum yet…
"Rafe," Gabumon breathed, his hips moving up and down uncontrollably. "Rafe…"
However, Rafe knew exactly what his love wanted to tell him. As he read his movements and body language, Gabumon didn't even have to express in words what he wanted.
Therefore, he gradually slowed down the pace, pampering the amazing length in front of him more and more leisurely, then stopped and looked at Gabumon with curious eyes. A mischievous grin appeared on his mouth as he asked him a dirty but exciting question. "What do you want me to do to you, my sweet Gabumon? Tell me everything you desire."
Gabumon loved hearing his voice like that, it made things a lot more spicy for him. He knew that Rafe knew his thoughts as much as his own life, but of course a minimal communication was needed to create and enhance the mood. With a shy but longing look, he blurted out his request. "Please, let's do this all at once."
Rafe's mouth twitched into an even wider smile, then gestured to Gabumon, who had already taken his place over the body of his beloved partner. As he was on top, he felt much more comfortable due to his slightly smaller and lighter stature when he weighed on him from above. The opposite situation was new to him, but he soon handled himself and enjoyed being able to admire and pamper his love’s erection from a new angle.
He smoothed it with sparkling eyes and licked the delicate juices from him a thousand times. He licked Rafe's full size for a long time, from the bottom up and  then from the top all the way to the junction of his cock and femur.
Rafe, when he wasn't moaning, was busy down there with Gabumon's most sensitive area, which hung from above all the way to his face. He was as beautiful in his full length as Gabumon herself. He was beautiful everywhere, but it was breathtaking as his manhood hung down hard and gigantic in thickness, just to his mouth.
Rafe licked his lips, hungrily and lecherously, and his mouth reached the tip of Gabumon's rock-hard manhood. He also started with a gentle kiss from below, and after licking the precum off, he took him into his mouth and began sucking at an ever-accelerating pace. He heard Gabumon's deepening moans and gasps, and get the hang of it. He loved to tease him and now that they were both doing it to each other at the same time, it was even more enjoyable.
"Rafe! Ah!" Gabumon shouted, and he started doing it faster.
"My dear Gabumon, I love you very much," Rafe replied with an intense heartbeat, and smiled. "You're fantastic."
"Oh, Rafe! I will always do this to you, just to you," Gabumon said, teasing Rafe with his hand, glad that Rafe could not see him blush to the ear from that position.
Rafe caught his breath for a moment from this beautiful confession and could barely speak. He loved to hear such beautiful words from Gabumon's mouth, even if they were obvious. But with Gabumon not afraid to say them, these facts gained even more meaning. Gabumon was also aware of the things he could make his love happy, both spiritually and physically.
"I’ll do this just to you too, sweetheart," Rafe said in a dying voice. He was already dangerously close to crying, but now he didn't want to ruin that intimate moment. He made an effort and managed to overcome his tears. "Only to you."
"I love you," Gabumon muttered with a slightly full mouth and returned to the oraljob. He, too, was afraid he wouldn’t be able to continue properly if he allowed himself to cry, so he quickly replaced his hands on his lips and tongue to hold back.
Minutes passed so that they hugged each other with intertwined hands and feet as their mouths worked non-stop on the other's erection. They didn't even notice that they were lying on their side in the meantime. Each sound and movement was in perfect harmony, as was their soul.
Suddenly Gabumon stopped and looked over his shoulder at Rafe. His love looked at him questioningly when he noticed that the sucking had stopped.
"Tell me, what's wrong, honey? Did I do something wrong?" He asked anxiously, his eyes reflecting terror at that moment.
"It's okay, Rafe, you're perfect! I really enjoy it, "Gabumon muttered, but then continued more confidently. "I just want to ask, don't you want to go any other way?"
Rafe's mouth then twitched into a mischievous smile and he was visibly relieved.
"How, darling? Feel free to say it."
Gabumon then climbed off his body and turned to lie completely opposite Rafe.
"I want you to… put it in me." No matter how hard he tried to hold back himself, he blushed again. He quickly raised his hand to his face to cover it, but Rafe laughed as he took his hand.
"Don't hide from me," he breathed lovingly. "You're beautiful when you blush. "
But all he did was make Gabumon's face even redder and his hands were on his face again. This time, however, he giggled.
Rafe sat up in the bed and pulled Gabumon tightly to his chest as he began to speak to him in a soft voice.
"Please never feel ashamed if you need anything. Whatever you want, whatever you desire, always tell me and I will do them for you without thinking." He gently stroked Gabumon's soft hair to ward off any disturbance. Rafe knew exactly how he could put him in a slightly calmer mood. "Just relax and yield yourself to me. I will keep you safe forever.
Gabumon looking up at him, in his sparkling gaze Rafe noticed and recognized all the emotion that had accompanied him all his life. Things he couldn’t put into words. He was immersed in his fabulous red eyes, which for a moment reminded Rafe of the sunset, and found in them his own sensitive, fragile soul. He saw in them all his desires, all his struggles, all his feelings. His life.
"Rafe," Gabumon reached up to stroke Rafe's face. "I can only yield myself to you. For the first time, I feel loved with you. You mean life to me." As he spoke, Rafe began to experience again that he was simply unable to stop his tears from erupting. He quickly dug his nails into his own skin so that the pain would distract him a little from the crying, but the following words made it even harder. "I trust only you, and it will never be any different. We'll always be here for each other, you know?"
Rafe then leaned over Gabumon, pulling him tightly with both arms. His face lied on Gabumon's shoulder, his eyes closed as tightly as he could. I don't want to cry yet, he thought, holding his breath. But it’s getting harder every minute, and I don’t want him to see me that way. To see me weak. I want to make him feel how much I love him… Instead, I will immediately cry… How would I do in this state what he asked for…
Rafe felt increasingly hopeless in this situation. He didn't want to ruin the moment, he really wanted to care about Gabumon. The one he loved the most.
However, Gabumon sensed everything about him. He slowly took his hands off Rafe's waist and raised his partner's chin with his index finger to look him in the eye. He noticed his reddened eyes, which almost matched his. But Gabumon was not terrified because he felt what Rafe had. He'd rather have sobbed too.
"We'll always be here for each other," Gabumon repeated, looking into his eyes, his lips slowly approaching Rafe's mouth.
Rafe grabbed Gabumon's breathtakingly beautiful face between his two palms, and their lips met in a passionate and hot kiss the next moment. A few wonderful moments later, their eyes locked again and Rafe smiled.
"You have no idea how comforting you are to me. And I can’t… I just can’t thank you enough times." His arms wandered over Gabumon's waist again and hugged him.
"But you already did, Rafe." The sweet, cool touch of Gabumon's fingers almost froze the sensitive skin of Rafe's hot face.
"No, Gabumon, what I do is because I love you," Rafe smiled at him, his hands not leaving Gabumon's hair.
"I love you too," his partner said and their lips met once more.
The next moment, Rafe pulled carefully away from Gabumon, who was quickly lying on his back. He spread his legs curious before Rafe opened them even wider, then pressed his lower body tightly between them. His swollen cock pointed enthusiastically at Gabumon, but as he approached, the manhood of both of them came together for a moment. Gabumon moaned with pleasure from the feeling.
Then Rafe's index finger wandered over Gabumon's body, wandering between his legs until he reached his butt. He began to caress the tight entrance softly, pampering and teasing him until Gabumon indicated that he was ready now.
Rafe nodded, his eyes glowing resolutely, then grabbed his throbbing cock and put it at Gabumon's narrow opening. At first he pushed only its tip, but not completely; he just watched the expression on his face as to when he could do it gently or fiercely. Gabumon indicated with a lush smile that Rafe could be bolder, but most of the time he added, "More… Press more, Rafe!" The soft, innocent voice was the purest music to Rafe's ears.
"Do you enjoy it, darling? Tell me right away if it hurts." Rafe knew he wouldn't have survived if he had hurt his love; he always penetrated him forward attentively and most gently.
"You're doing very well, my love," Gabumon's voice almost died of pleasure.
"I'm glad you like it," Rafe replied in relief, and continued on his way forward in Gabumon's body.
He clung tightly to his partner's arms, and sometimes to his waist, as his cock went deeper and deeper. Sometimes he bent down and pressed love kisses to his lips, then once lingered long on his chest and leaned on Gabumon's forehead, telling him softly how beautiful he was and how much he loved him. Gabumon hugged his sweetheart's neck and almost snuggled in, enjoying the tight feeling of his softly expanding opening with his eyes closed.
Rafe was already panting on him, and he began to go crazy with the feeling of Gabumon being squeezed tightly around his cock, which completely fills his love from within.
"Faster," Gabumon asked, his breath growing.
Rafe was accelerating the pace, and a loud moan was released from Gabumon's lips. Fuck, Rafe thought. That voice was his nemesis.
"I'll cum if you continue like this," Rafe warned playfully, and Gabumon chuckled for a moment.
"At least I know you enjoy it!" Gabumon snapped back laughing and gently stroked Rafe's face.
Rafe fucked Gabumon's tight ass faster and harder, but he almost cummed from the squelching sounds. I don't want to cum yet, he thought. This is just the first pose. Pull yourself together…
He tried to imagine a completely neutral sight that might have held his orgasm back, but suddenly he didn't even know what to think of. There were different images swirling in his mind about different people – or animals? – whom he did not find very attractive, but it wasn’t enough. What should he think of?
In the end, he couldn’t recall anything better than the multitude of white paper sheets lined up on his printer’s tray at his workplace. But hey, if it reduced the stimulation, then it worked and there was nothing to do about it!
However, Gabumon noticed a small smile on the edge of his mouth. He stared at him curiously.
"What is it, Rafe?"
"Nothing," Rafe snapped, almost immediately, but eventually confessed. "You're just so good I'll cum inside you soon."
Gabumon chuckled again, and though he blushed, Rafe knew exactly that he was excited by what he just heard.
Rafe, on the other hand, no matter how hard he struggled with the orgasm, could look nowhere but his love’s lustfully writhing body, which willingly followed the movement of his ever-accelerating hips. Gabumon immediately took over the pace he dictated. They were in perfect harmony. He could feel his cock slapping inside him, and the characteristic wet voice of their slamming skin filled the room. And Gabumon added his own sensual moans to that.
"Ahh, Rafe… Yes… Ahh…," he sighed louder and louder under Rafe, but it only made matters worse.
"Uh… Gabumon, darling…," Rafe moaned, too, but had to take it back from the pace.
He slowed, already fucking him at a much more moderate pace, and Gabumon immediately adapted to this too. He could feel the sweat seeping all over his body and running down his thighs.
"Faster, please!" He begged with a lustful look.
Rafe then stared at him with a serious but intense facial expression, his mouth pressed into a narrow line as he pushed inside him stronger-than-ever, but strictly only one, and giggled apologetically into Gabumon's face. "I don't want to cum yet!"
Gabumon's body twitched from the sudden movement, and a satisfied, joyful look sat on his face. He loved it when Rafe surprised him like that. He loved every move of Rafe and this fierce, wild nature of his. He was madly in love with him; he loved him from the bottom of his heart.
"You liked it?" Rafe asked with a cheeky smile, then switched to speed, but Gabumon could only nod from this fast pace while his whole body was in motion.
Rafe watched over his love’s body satisfied and listened with pleasure as his cock snapped out Gabumon's muscular and shapely butt. Using his own precum, he slid easily inside of him, deeper and deeper.
Gabumon was already on the edge of screaming, but only hoarse moans were released from his throat with the violent jolts. His face flushed and he gasped louder and louder.
"Agghh, Rafe… Rafe! Yes…!"
Rafe then switched to the roughest pace possible and began to pound him relentlessly. He pressed his shoulders tightly to the bed and Gabumon gripped the bedding in his pleasure. His mouth opened wide, as if to shout, but not a word came out of him, and Rafe just watched his face flood with an even more vivid, deep red hue.
"I love you, darling," Rafe muttered, leaning down to kiss him. Gabumon raised his head to deepen the kiss and slowly pulled his legs up to feel Rafe's cock fully in himself. He soon pulled his legs even higher and wrapped them tightly around his waist. That's how he was the deepest in him.
Then Rafe stopped for a second. This feeling was too good and he could barely resist. He blew out a loud breath, and Gabumon looked at him questioningly.
"Everything is alright?"
Rafe smiled and nodded. "Of course, I just… almost cummed."
Gabumon chuckled as he covered his mouth mischievously with his hands. "Well, because you're good!"
Rafe laughed softly and slowly shoved his cock back into Gabumon's butt. Pleasure filled them again, and Rafe returned to the faster pace.
He lifted Gabumon's legs to his shoulders and pressed them to the maximum. Fully. The speed then deepened, causing both of them to moan at the same time.
"Rafe… Rafe… Fuck me, ahhh…"
Sweat dripped from Rafe's chest in streams and ran all over his body. His hair was ruffled, the back of his neck was wet, his face flushed. Gabumon loved his sight. He soon gave voice to it as well.
"Rafe, I'm going to… Rafe…"
"It's ok then," his partner growled, his cock went in and out cruelly, uncontrollably, which made Gabumon's body tensed. They both felt like he was going to cum now.
His buttcheeks clenched around him, his claws dug into his shoulder as he kept shouting Rafe's name. But Rafe just fucked and fucked him as if he had done it for his life.
"Ahh! Yes! RAFE!" Gabumon shouted, and the hot, sticky sperm was already squirting out of his cock. He cummed his own belly as his swollen cock pointed up.
Rafe slapped inside of him for a long time because he saw that his love really enjoyed it. His happiness was paramount to him.
Gabumon panted for a long time, slowly recovering, and finally calmed down. However, Rafe had not yet pulled out of him, for he did not want to stop at that much. Of course, Gabumon also wanted to continue.
"Isn't that all, was it?" He blinked at Rafe with a playful smile, who was immediately caught laughing.
"If you want more, then don't," his partner replied. "Do you want me to fuck you yet?"
"Yes! Please!" Gabumon snapped enthusiastically.
"Then I'll keep you fucking."
Gabumon almost beamed with delight.
"We're doing it all day, aren't we, Rafe?"
"As you wish, darling!" Rafe smiled and leaned forward to press a hot kiss to Gabumon's mouth.
"I love you," Gabumon looked deep into his eyes, then kissed him on the cheek where he just could. "You are so good. You did it so skillfully. Roughly but gently."
Rafe laughed. "That was a nice contradiction."
"But I can't say otherwise!" Gabumon apologized and laughed too.
How cute, Rafe thought as he studied Gabumon's face shining with happiness. What have I done to earn his love?
Gabumon also fell silent when he saw Rafe staring with a glassy look. They always understood each other’s emotions. Silence was never embarrassing for them. Rather, it had even more meaning because none of them were an outgoing type. We are alone together, Rafe thought, and his heart was softening.
However, no matter how quiet he was, his lower body continued to work. He suddenly grabbed Gabumon and turned him on his stomach. He spread his legs a little to get even better between them, then was inside again. He penetrated deep inside him, while Gabumon was moaning with his head held high beneath him, and Rafe clung to the pillow, trying to moderate his strong, hard thrusts.
Gabumon then moved to get to his knees. Rafe chuckled and leaned forward to his ear with a grin. "Yes? You decide that you were going to control me now?" He asked with a playful threat in his voice, then began to kiss Gabumon's graceful neck from behind.
Gabumon let out a small scream spiced with laughter as he slowly began to push himself back and forth on Rafe's dick.
Ahhh! Rafe thought, but let Gabumon enjoy every moment in his stunning length.
The thrusts of his love were quite small at first, and restrained, and then as he got into the movement, he became more and more confident and profound. His moans grew louder and louder. Rafe clung to his hips, helping him to keep Gabumon from getting tired prematurely. From that angle, he could see Gabumon’s entire fur, his fine-lined back, his sweet ears, and, of course, what was most spectacular from that perspective, his shapely, exciting, and perfectly round butt. Rafe had to look the other way sometimes so as not to cum because of the mere sight.
But then Gabumon began to slow down unexpectedly. Leaning sideways, he lay down on the bed, facing the door, but when Rafe did not move, he looked at him.
"Rafe, please would you lie behind me?" He asked, giggling.
At first, Rafe didn't even understand what his partner was up to. But when he received the instruction, he acted immediately.
"You mean, like, fuck you from behind?" Rafe laughed as he climbed behind him.
"Yes," Gabumon replied, feeling blushed again.
Gabumon waited for Rafe to put his cock in from back as well, then pulled his legs tightly up to his chest so as not to impede his movement.
Rafe grabbed Gabumon's free arm and snuggled tightly into it as he fucked him rhythmically.
Gabumon lied on his left arm, which he bent slightly to put his head on. His eyes were closed and he moaned loudly as he enjoyed this subservient position. Rafe leaned forward from behind him and rested his chin on Gabumon's shoulder, who glanced at him and they smiled at each other. Rafe began to kiss and bite Gabumon's soft skin with lust, sometimes sucking it gently as he squeezed his love in a hug. Gabumon gasped from it. He noticed that his own fingers had run down between his legs to his cock, and now he could enjoy the excitement coming from both sides at the same time.
"Ohh, Rafe," blurted out as he felt his partner's hand helping the movements.
"Yes?" Rafe murmured in his neck, and as if nothing had happened, he continued to tease. Gabumon had to cover his mouth so he wouldn't scream from it.
The next moment, Gabumon's chest pressed to the bed and his hips lifted up to the sky. Rafe turned him away so suddenly that he didn't even notice. He stood on the ground, with the most beautiful sight as Gabumon’s expanded hole reveals in front of him. He licked his lips and his cock a little suspiciously to be in good shape, which was soon back in Gabumon.
Gabumon elbowed himself on the bed, his gaze fixed on the opposite wall, then slowly began to emboss his back from the hard thrusts, placing his head on his forearm. Down there, from behind, Rafe pushed his butt firmly, sometimes gently hitting it.
"Ahh!" Gabumon explained in response to what Rafe had misunderstood.
"Oh… Did it hurt, honey?" Rafe looked at him worriedly and stopped what he had been doing.
But Gabumon looked back with a lush and lustful look. "No, Rafe, on the contrary! That was great! Please do it necessarily!"
 However, he immediately lowered his eyes, as he still had to get used to being able to speak openly about his desires at any time with Rafe. It wasn't easy to relax, but he knew Rafe was patient with him. And Rafe was not only patient with him, but devoted, warm-hearted, and attentive. Just like before.
But Rafe thought he would rather continue experimenting, so he was already turning Gabumon's body to the side while he penetrated him again from above. Gabumon placed one arm on Rafe's neck, the other embracing the other arm of his love, which was stretched out beside their bodies as they watched each other's faces lovingly.
Gabumon moved his right leg to the other so his partner could push him even harder. The deeper they felt each other, the greater the enjoyment were from both of them.
Minutes later, Rafe thought about it again, and Gabumon found himself in a squatting position, from where Rafe could continue it from behind, also standing on the ground. He had to bend his knee a bit to reach Gabumon's entrance and grabbed his shoulders so he could hold on to him. He developed a constant rhythm, almost tugging Gabumon's body at himself.
"How does it feel to pull you on my dick, darling?" Rafe growled in his ear.
"Ahhh, the best, Rafe," Gabumon sighed, responding with loud moans to Rafe's intense thrusts. "You are the best…"
Therefore, Rafe quickly lied Gabumon on his stomach, raised one leg to his waist, and lifted his own left leg to the bed between Gabumon's thighs. With the other, he stabilized the position on the ground. As one hand held Gabumon's knee in the air, with the other he pressed his body down to keep him under control. He loved the control, he loved the authority, but of course the way even Gabumon was comfortable with and enjoyed it.
Gabumon then looked back over his shoulder so he could look into Rafe's eyes. Rafe immediately slowed down the pace as he made eye contact with his love.
"Yes?" Rafe smiled at him as Gabumon pulled away.
Rafe quickly pulled himself out of him and leaned closer to him. "Is something wrong, darling?"
"It's okay, I just want to… take control of it too," Gabumon replied shyly, climbing off the bed to switch places with his partner.
Rafe then calmed down and immediately gave way to Gabumon. He was glad he asked clearly what he wanted, and he let him unfold freely.
"Tell me what to do."
Gabumon looked up at him, lovingly and sensually, with those innocent but mysterious eyes. "Lie on the bed and lift your right leg over my shoulder."
Rafe grinned slightly at the perfect description of the pose, but followed the instructions obediently. He was already lying on the bed, face down, as Gabumon had asked, and his legs were raised just enough to place them on Gabumon’s right shoulder. Gabumon did not hesitate any more; as a foreplay, he quickly moistened his finger to widen the entrance of his love enough, and pulled the skin slightly apart to insert his thick and rock-hard manhood into Rafe’s tight ass.
Rafe moaned tremendously with the feeling as Gabumon wided open his tight but flexible walls from the inside. Gabumon went ahead cautiously forward in him, little by little so that Rafe would have time to get used to his length. However, Rafe was adaptable and embraced Gabumon willingly. His hole completely squeezed his partner, who nearly lost his head as he moved inside of him. He clinged tightly to Rafe's raised thigh, who tilted his head back from the pleasure and began a rhythmic, loud moan.
"Gabumon, ahh…," he muttered intermittently, barely concentrating on the speech. He wanted to say something else, but more or less meaningless, incoherent sighs and moans left his mouth.
Gabumon fucked him like that for minutes, as this pose specifically stimulated both of them. When he got tired, he pulled it out of Rafe's butt and sat back on the edge of the bed, then playfully hit his thigh so that Rafe could sit on his lap with his back to him. Gabumon's cock was in him again, this time deep, filling Rafe's tight hole.
"Uhh…," another groan came from Rafe's lips, then put his legs on the bed. He clung to the edge of the bed with his foot as he could.
Gabumon just chuckled softly and grabbed Rafe's muscular thighs from below as he began to lick and bite his ears from the side. It just increased the enjoyment in them, they both could barely hold back themselves from cumming prematurely.
Rafe grabbed Gabumon's hands beside him and began to bounce on Gabumon's lap to speed up the pace. Gabumon then raised one of his knees to fix Rafe's body so that he could more easily stay in position.
"You're fantastically good, Rafe," he whispered in his ear, and Rafe's arms and back covered with goosebumps. Gabumon was even more excited about this; he loved the reactions of Rafe; as his body responds to him almost immediately. A few minutes later, Gabumon leaned back on the bed and admired the beautiful, graceful line of Rafe's back in all its glory.
Rafe, as always, renewed it. He still didn’t run out of ideas, nor did Gabumon, of course. He raised in Gabumon's lap, then turned around, and this time he rode his love’s stiffy erected, wet, sticky cock facing towards him. Rafe’s opening was tightly closed around Gabumon, his walls hungrily stuffed with the deeper and deeper thrusts. Gabumon leaned forward, and his lips immediately found Rafe's mouth. Their lips met in an intense and hot kiss, and that was the only way to hide their moans. At least they tried, because when they both started to feel too good, they moaned in each other’s mouths at the same time. Rafe put his legs forward next to Gabumon's body and was squatting on his lap at this point, but he didn't stop riding for a second.
Gabumon then hugged Rafe's back, and while holding him tightly, he carefully climbed into the middle of the bed with them to continue with what they had begun. They listened to each other with pleasure while planting love kisses on each other’s faces and necks. Suddenly Rafe lifted his legs and placed them forward, on both sides of Gabumon's shoulders. Gabumon thus had a full view of Rafe's imposing size, making his mouth water immediately. He licked his lips as if he has got an appetite, and he didn't let go of Rafe's body.
"Your dick is beautiful… And your everything, as it is," he praised his love, and in response he received a hot and sweet kiss.
After that, Rafe lied his foot beside Gabumon's body, absorbing the violent thrusts from below. He leaned on his hands behind his back and stared at the ceiling. Then he leaned forward on Gabumon's body as he pulled his legs back beside himself and lied on him, and their mouths immediately touched each other and gave each other a deep kiss to the rhythm of each thrust.
Gabumon's hand stroked Rafe's back and down to his butt, gripping it passionately and grasping it. His mouth wandered lower, over Rafe's neck, where he kissed him softly and even bit him a little, then changed his mind and turned Rafe, who lied on him on his back this time. Gabumon reached forward to Rafe's cock and began stroking his entire length, including his balls. He began to gently massage them with his soft fingers as he sighed longingly in his ear. They were completely lost in each other. Their touches were gentle on each other's bodies, supplemented only by the hardness and roughness of the thrusts.
But Gabumon didn't stop at this either. He clung to Rafe's body again, then rolled across the bed with him, and Rafe got down again. Gabumon turned him on his back and then settled on him as he raised one leg to the sky. His thrusts still didn’t subside, he even accelerated the pace. Even the bed crackled, loudly and hard.
Gabumon lied carefully on his body and pulled Rafe's hip close to him as he weighed on him. They turned slightly to the side and he hugged his waist as he began to kiss his neck. Rafe flexed his legs around Gabumon's body with pleasure, and he pulled him up hard to feel his cock even deeper. Then he suddenly lied his both feet to the side, allowing Gabumon to move freely inside of him. He even grabbed his wrist a little and found himself in this new, dominant position with pleasure. Rafe didn't mind it all that, he loved that Gabumon had experienced it on him like this. He would have given anything, just to make Gabumon feel good with him.
Fortunately, Gabumon felt as good as possible, as always when he was with Rafe. He loved trying new things with him and was no longer ashamed to share with him. He got right into his role more and more confidently.
"Raise your legs around my neck," Gabumon said, and Rafe was obedient. "And hold on!" He chuckled, and Rafe grinned.
He liked that Gabumon knew exactly what he wanted. It made him sexier.
Gabumon penetrated him into depths like never before, just pounding Rafe's slippery entrance. He continued it on his knees, and his wet balls slammed into Rafe's butt, making them both even louder. Their voices filled the entire room, and the sweat was already pouring down straight from them.
"Ahh, Gabumon!" Rafe shouted, stretching his calf over Gabumon's shoulder, but his feet slipped to his chest after minutes.
The manhood of his love pushed his ass with full force. He almost bombarded him from the inside. His hair was already quite wet, which was also dripping with sweat. All the moisture dripped from his bottom onto the bed, which dampened the sheets and blankets beneath them. The atmosphere in the room was so steamy that they could almost taste. Gabumon couldn't stand it for long.
"Ahhhh… Rafe… You are so tight and hot!"
"Ahh, you're so good," Rafe replied fast, his thoughts almost tangled in his mind and he could barely speak.
Gabumon finally turned his partner over again for the last time before they allowed themselves to orgasm, and they both straightened up in a kneeling position. Gabumon's dick slammed into Rafe from behind, and his hands pampered his cock. His ears drooped over Rafe's shoulder, who was even more aroused with it. He loved Gabumon’s touch everywhere on his body. He felt like he was wrapped up with him.
His cock did not flag for a moment; what’s more, it swelled even more from this new stimulation. He felt he couldn't take it any longer – it was going to explode.
His voice now sounded warning, as if he wanted to prepare his partner for it.
Gabumon leaned forward in surprise under Rafe's arm and looked at him questioningly with his huge, sparkling eyes. Rafe looked down at him, deep in his eyes.
"You're very good… Go on! I feel like I'm cumming."
Gabumon's face lit up and he willingly pushed harder and harder. Rafe felt the tip of the little gold horn on Gabumon's forehead gently scratch his skin, and he could no longer hold back the feeling. And with Gabumon's little stocky fingers on his cock, he could hardly hold back.
The orgasm came immediately and he obediently surrendered to the intense waves in his stomach.
"Ahh, yes! Gabumon! Ahh… Fuck me! Fuck me… Ahh!" He shouted from his full throat. Somewhere behind him, he heard Gabumon repeating his name, too, but he was too distracted by the tightness that came around Gabumon's cock. He moved fast and rhythmically, almost bouncing on it, and a lot of sperm was already squirting out of his dick. He let himself go as far as he could.
Gabumon leaned Rafe on his stomach quickly, fucking him hard and squeezing the wrist of his love with his outstretched hand.
"You're mine, Rafe!" Rafe heard Gabumon's strong, hoarse voice in his ears and felt his hole flooded with his partner's hot sperm. His ass was completely filled, and the excess slowly flowed down Gabumon's dick, which he pushed back into Rafe's buttocks with a few more thrusts.
"I'll always be yours, my only Gabumon," Rafe's voice died, and he felt the crying slowly take over him. "I've always been yours!"
"I'm yours too, my dear Rafe!" Gabumon replied, panting, giving him a few more thrusts.
He finally stopped inside of Rafe and carefully pulled his cock out of him. He picked up a tissue from the top of the slender chest of drawers, and as he wiped his dick, he didn't take his eyes off his love.
"We'll be each other’s forever, you know?" He asked with tears in his eyes.
Rafe would have just reached for a tissue to clean himself, but his hand stopped in the air.
"Yes, honey," he reached for Gabumon to put him in a tight embrace. Then he became serious as he spoke to him. "And, you know, I'm very happy about what you said before. Before we did that," he added quickly when he saw how confused Gabumon was looking at him. "And I feel the same way. And that feeling cannot be put into words. We chose the best way we could to express it," he said, and Gabumon looked at him happily.
"I can't love you even more, Rafe," Gabumon breathed, reaching for another tissue. However, now he was trying to wipe the tears from the corner of his eye. Rafe followed suit, and when he and Gabumon wanted to reach for the handkerchief at once, their fingers touched in the air. They looked at each other and the next moment they fell on each other's shoulders, then to the ground.
The bedroom was slowly filled with crying, which became more and more intense as their voices gradually became one in a close, intimate embrace.
The sun had already fallen below the horizon, only the stars were lit outside the third-floor room enclosed between the concrete blocks. The night was filled with the freezing silence of the outside world, only the harmonious, emotional sobs of the two lovers crawled up into the darkness of the starlit sky.