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Odaiba Memorial Day 2022! New movie preview and Survive is out!
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Hey everybody, happy Odaiba Memorial Day! The first 6 minutes of upcoming 02 movie "The Beginning" were previewed, and Digimon Survive finally released the other day. You can pick up Survive for Switch, PS, and Xbox, or for PC on Steam. (It's mostly a visual novel where your choices decide who lives or dies!) Meanwhile, Digimon Ghost Game continues with new episodes we watch here Saturday nights. Also check out the latest line of Digivice, the Vital Brace, which recently released an English version called the Vital Hero, in US stores and on Amazon. It's good to see the Digimon franchise is doing well.

And guys, while you're here, check out the #commission-mission channel on our Discord and support Digimon artists too!
Yes it's another year. Things are going well. I got Survive & are watching Ghost Game. The movie should be something. Will this be the end of Adventure? ...Who knows really. Maybe we'll get a Tamers thing that isn't embarrassing. But hey, one more year! Woo!