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Slowly getting into this old series. After seeing hentai of the girls and companies still making statues of them to this day, I decided to check out the actual series this was based on.

And old friend of mine was into it, he likes the 'bouncy girls martial arts action' type series like that. Sad thing is, the manga and series is out of print (luckily they don't cost crazy prices), and to top it off, Tokyopop only translated 15 out of 26 manga volumes (as Battle Vixens).

I'll wait for a weekend or time off to get into this series, but man, I guess it never caught on to the point where it had multiple re-releases or some other company decided to finish where Tokyopop left off and so forth.

In the meantime as the anime fans say 'Kan'U is bae'.
I once saw parts of this. Never really wanted to watch more. But good for you.