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Community Art Pack Project: Digimon World Desire
[Image: Digimon_World_Desire_Cover.png]

AzureInTheDark, an artist and long time member of our Discord community, is putting together a Community Art Pack Project: Digimon World Desire! This is a free public art pack meant to bring artists together to draw rare Digimon. If you're an artist interested in joining the many others taking part then head over to Azure's Discord server, which you can find the invite for on Twitter.

This is also why I finished The Big List of Digimon That Need Lewded earlier. There's a lot to choose from!

In other news from this past week, we've been very actively retweeting digismut from all over Twitter with our account @DigiartDomain, as well as keeping a presence on our FA by faving almost all the digilewds we can find and following lots of Digimon artists.

[Image: file_8070527.png]

...ok, no more dabbing.
Well this is an interesting idea. I hope it goes somewhere and we all see it.