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IPC Digiworld, "Internet Parallel Canon"
Posting this here so I can link to it from elsewhere in the future. Any discussion on it is welcome as well~

The IPC Digiworld
Internet Parallel Canon

In the IPC all your actions in the Digimon fandom on the internet are mirrored in some way. Ideally your character represents you and if you know someone on the real internet then you know them in the IPC with a similar history. When you first joined the Digimon Fandom is when you first visited the Digiworld. Every Digimon fansite or other community is a location there. An admin on the real internet has the Code Crown (from Xros Wars, represents ownership and gives control of that zone) of their respective location.

For free to use anything as your character, whether human, Digimon, or other 'sona. You don't have to be a digidestined, and if you are your Digimon doesn't even have to be with you. Just be casual and represent you.

For simplicity, assume all official media is canon. This is possible by representing their different digiworlds as different servers, which act sort of like planets - for example when the Frontier digiworld was completely broken apart, File Island was totally untouched as it's on another server. In their real worlds assume most people ignore the existence of Digimon by thinking it's all conspiracy theories, or it was not reported on by the news, or was covered up by the government, so there aren't continuity conflicts every time someone hasn't heard of Digimon.
Is this an invitation? it would be dope if this were a thing
I'd like to roleplay but life is too complicated to dedicate enough of my brain for doing so. Gao
(09-14-2021 08:50 AM)Jaser Wrote: I'd like to roleplay but life is too complicated to dedicate enough of my brain for doing so. Gao
There is no need to reply instantaneusly viejo Im cool waiting. I understand we all have stuff to do. Feel free to invite me or others any time