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Artist Karabiner
Yep, most of you should recognize this guy.

Karabiner was making Digimon work years ago, but has since slowed down and eventually stopped releasing artwork, sadly. His website hasn't been updated in years and his art CD's don't seem to be purchasable anymore. He drew furry stuff, humans with their partner digimon, and some bestiality.

Some of Karabiner's digimon work in an imgur album

Karabiner's website

More on e621
Oh yeah. This guy. I remember him. He did a lot of Renamon stuff. Which figures. Thanks.
Anybody know whatever actually happened to him? He seemed to be making a pretty good living in the Fur community.
The Infamous Boss Reo

I know this thread's been sitting here for a while but I figured I'd make an account to say what I know.

From what I understand (not 100% sure) he got ill and couldn't keep up with his updates as he received treatments. I don't know how it turned out but it happened a while ago so maybe he's unable to draw in his state or he passed away (I hope not but it's very possible)

The last time his site was updated was in 2011 and this post was placed on the main page :

Quote: ようやくトップの更新ができましたが、海外向けのアートCDのご案内
らずご辛抱ください。m(_ _)m
It roughly translate to this using online translators :

Quote:Guide to overseas art CD only and was finally able to update the top. Actually suffered illness by the end of last year, admitted in May that.Back to now is somehow the same everyday creative activities can be rather we stopped updating itself. (Crying) I want to revert to the previous pace a little bit more when I get better, but right now is devoted to treatment and rehabilitation, so until then please be patient.

Edit :
His friend posted this journal in 2012, sounds like he got better but stopped doing art since then.

Quote:About Karabiner
his recent post to his message board:

I am recovered and doing well, thank you for your concerns and get well messages.
I haven't drawn anything since I was released from hospital.
I suspect the reason of the illness was that I worked on art too hard in the first place.
I feel bad seeing people check back to my sites but finding no new stuff, so now I declare that I am officially closed for business.

let's hope he will return soon.
Well, Thank you for telling us. That makes a lot of sense.
An update on this guy, seems he decided to delete his works from his website Gao

Google translate gives me this:
"It is a "carabiner's atelier" that has been associated for a long time, but we decided to close it today. I am sorry to the people who have supported me until now, but because I was able to overcome the limitation of physical strength and the motivation for the picture that accompanies it, I decided that this kind of creative activity was impossible. It was decided. At the same time, withdrawal from related sites was promoted at the same time, and we decided to withdraw. The era is going to be revised, and Ichiro of Mariners will retire, and the times will definitely change, so I think that it is better to put a grieve here, rather than keep on going forever. I considered the method of leaving the content, but there is a lot of reprints without notice from before, and I can not deny that it has also caused a decline in motivation. So I decided to erase everything completely and start from scratch if I do something. However, I think that the form to post something in the form of a homepage on the net will not be taken anymore. I have heard somebody's story before, "If everyone seems to be heading towards you, it's going backwards." This sense of backlash has been constant. It's not that someone has done something, but the feeling of being "obsolete" has been raised. Obsolete means that although the form of expression on the internet is changing, there will be no home page now, but it has pretended that it is a temporary loss of awareness, but it has already been limited is. The past should be cleared here to start something new. Pictures that are reprinted without permission on the internet will eventually become obsolete and disappear. It feels sad to think about it, but I can not avoid going into the new world, so please take that point and let me plan the next plan quietly. Someday someday someday will come before you. Then let's have a great day.

April 1, 2019

Oh, it's not an April Fools. (Lol)"

So, sounds to me he is discouraged because his works are shared online without his permission,so he decided to erase all of his content and mayyyybe start from scratch IF he decides to do something new in the future   Terrier