The 'Divinations of a Demise' Series
Chapter 1 Akiyamo/Taichi Yaoi, Rape
Chapter 2 Koushiro/Takeru Yaoi
The 'Seasons Crossover' Series
1: Enter the Digital World Zoe/Tommy  
2: False Blizzard Takuya/Tommy Yaoi
3: The Fallen Digimon Zoe/Takuya, Tommy/Koji Contains Masturbation and Yaoi
4: Zoe's Wild Adventure Kazemon/Koji, Zoe/Koji/Takuya/Tommy Orgy
5: The Sculpture Lights Within Kazemon/Agunimon/Lobomon  
6: Herbal Chaos Takuya/Tommy Mind Control, Rape, YAOI
7: The Many Leagues of Heroes    
8: Beastie Girl Kazemon/Ranamon Rape, YURI, tentacles
9: In the Depth of the Sea Zoe/Tommy Yaoi
10: The Talisman Breaks... Takuya Masturbation
11: The Island of Mirrors Koji/Tommy Semi-Con, Yaoi
12: RaftRide Davis/Zoe  
13: Out of the Ocean TK/Kari, TK, Takuya/Yolei, Koji/Tommy/TK Contains Yaoi and Masturbation
14: Threat of the Past Zoe/Davis, Takuya/Kari  
15: Divination of Darkness TK/Tommy Yaoi
16: Where Angels Fear to Tread Takuya/Tommy, TK/Kari Contains Yaoi
17: Mistaken Dead Takuya/TK/Tommy Yaoi Orgy
18: Rescue of the Light    
19: My Little Brother Rika/Tommy  
20: And So Now It makes Sense. Takuya/Kari  
21: Hounds of Light and Shadow Koji/Davis Yaoi, Rape, Spanking
22: Reunions Tommy/Takato/Rika  
23: Chaos at The Radio Station    
24: The Rescue Plan Izzy/Mimi, Koji/Kari  
25: A Troubled Mind of the Past Takuya Masturbation
26: From One World to the Next Izzy/Mimi/Kari Contains mild Yuri
27: Tears of Gold Takato/Rika  
28: Escapades of Sex, Part I Tai/Izzy/Sora, Takuya/Kari, Davis/TK, a little Lobomon/Kazemon Yaoi, Rape, Masturbation
29: Escapades of Sex, Part II Davis/TK Yaoi, part Rape, part Semi-Consensual
30: Escapades of Sex, Part III Tommy/Lillymon, Koji/Davis, Izzy/Tai, Izzy/Sora/Zoe, TK/Takato/Koji/Rika, Izzy/Rika Yaoi, Orgy
31: Stranded at Home Izzy/Takato/Koji Contains Yaoi and little foot fetish
32: Back into the Game Ryo/Ken Yaoi, Rape
33: A Fallen Angel Must Fall Matt/Mimi/Lillymon, Ryo/Ken Yaoi, Rape
34: The Brother Within Me Kouchi/Koji, Takuya/Tommy/Angewomon, Ryo/Kari Contains Yaoi and Incest
35: The Crest of Sincerity Tai/Matt, Tai/Matt/Izzy Yaoi
36: The Crest of Love Takuya/Koji/Zoe, Takuya/Koji/Tommy, Koji/Tommy Yaoi
37: Ranamon's Last Feat Ranamon/Zoe, Ranamon/Kazemon, Ranamon/Zephyrmon Yuri, Rape, Tentacles
38: Mercuremon Within a Mercuremon Takuya/Tommy, Mercuremon/Takuya Yaoi, Rape
39: Riding on Safe Wheels Koji/Kouchi Yaoi
40: Playtime, When Hope Falls Puppetmon/Kari, TK/LadyDevimon Rape
41: The Crest of Reliability Takuya/Tommy/Kari/Zoe Orgy, Yaoi, Yuri
42: The Rose Morning Star    
43: End of the H-Warriors T.K./Rika  
The 'A Hint to the Past' Series
Chapters 1+2 Andrew/Mollysa  
Chapter 3 Takuya/Zoe  
Chapter 4 Daved/Zoe/Brion  
Chapter 5 Zoe/Daved  
Chapter 6 Takuya/Zoe, Daved/Tommy Yaoi
Chapter 7 Daved/Tommy Yaoi
Chapter 8 Koji/Karlene, Andrew/Mollysa  
Chapter 9 Brion/Takuya Yaoi
Chapter 10 Brion/Takuya, Tommy/Daved, Andrew/Koji Yaoi
The 'Deserted Lands' Series
Cactus Nectar Mimi/Izzy/Lillymon  
The Earthquake of MetalGreymon Izzy/Mimi, Mimi/Joe  
The 'In The Heart of the Fire' Series
In the Thoughts of Light Takuya/Koji Part 1A, Yaoi
The 'Way of the Wolf' Series
The Awkward Birthday Koji/Takuya, Tommy/Shinya Part 1B, Yaoi
The 'Light My Frozen Candle' Series
What Young Love Tommy/Shinya Part 1C, Yaoi
The 'American Dream' Series
And So it Begins Here... Josh/Kim  
A New Reality Davis/Kari, Kim, Charles/Josh Yaoi, Rape, Masturbation
Revenge on the Coldhearted Charles/Kim Rape
Blood Marks the Spot   Death
The 'Lemon Requests' Series
Midnight Summer Fall TK/Davis YAOI, requested by Rock 'n Jam

At a Glance

Contacting Info:

Writing Preferences:

Likes:Yaoi, self-insertion, rape, (Couplings: Taishiro, Taisuke, Daikeru)
Dislikes:watersports, orgy (involving 5 or more) (Couplings: Takari, Jyoshiro)

About the Author:

I'm Canadian, and male. I currently live in the US. Normally I write Digimon lemons when people ask me to, but recently I've been 'inspired to be inspired' without others' help.


fricken A dude i love the frontier stories! esp. the ones with ranamon <thats my girl>. hope to see more in the future. [x10rage]

The stories you write are amazing. I hope you make more soon. [Harry]

I love the way you can take digimon and make it so much more intresting. i don't really like the fact Koji is gay though. i would like to see more of Takuya and Zoe together please!!! [Cleo]

I love your Seasons Crossover Series... you have to keep writing!!! [CalmTree]

I would love to see more Takato in it. Also Maybe a TK-Izzy or non-rape TK-Davis [Deedra]