The 'Aqua Village Saga'
The First Time: Taichi And Sora Taichi and Sora  
Angels Takeru and Hikari  
Love, American Style Yamato and Janet  
The First Time Hikari and Takeru  
Computers Or Girls? Koushiro and Jun  
Love At Last n/a  
Relationships Taichi and Sora & Hikari and Takeru  
New York, New York Mimi and Jyou  
Discovery Mimi and Jyou  
A New Destine Hikari and Takeru  
Welcome Michael Yamato and Janet  
Trouble In Paradise n/a  
Christmas Digi-Style n/a  
Christmas Digi-Style Part 2: The Concert n/a  
Christmas Digi-Style Part 3: Party Time n/a  
Evil Comes In Many Ways n/a  
A Brief Moment Of Sanity n/a  
Sometimes Being Bad Is Fun n/a  
A Heartbreak Most Bitter n/a  
What Goes Around Comes Around n/a  
Sometimes Life's A Bitch Daisuke and Miyako  
The New Destine Power n/a  
Soundtrack Info n/a Series Soundtrack
Another Power n/a  
Movie Night n/a  
Rescue n/a  
A Short Time Later n/a  


the story is great but i don't like jyou and mimi stories. but i love koushiro and mimi stories.

Hey man i love yourlemons. When are u going to update? Please do update, i'm dying to read more of your work. [your fan]

Good lemons and stories man!! When are you going to update? [your fan]

leave aim so we can talk i love ur lemons!!! [good kid]