Season 4: Wisemon's Alternate Ending Series
The Saga Begins Izumi Solo
Midnight Star n/a  
Trigger Happy n/a Extreme Violence
Fat n/a  
The White Stuff Izumi/Junpei  
Eat It Junpei/Izumi  
I Can't Watch This/Dog Eat Dog    
Smells Like Nirvana Angewomon/Kouji  
Addicted To Spuds    
Everything You Know Is Wrong Takuya/Hazy  
Headline News Kouji/Angewomon  
Generic Blues Izumi/Takuya  
I'll Be Mellow When I'm Dead   Extreme Violence
Dare To Be Stupid Hazy/Takuya, Izumi/Junpei Religious References
Livin' In The Fridge Junpei/Izumi  
I Think I'm A Clone Now (Pretty Fly For A Rabbi) Izumi/3 Junpeis Orgy/Religious References
Ode To A Superhero   Racial References
Happy Birthday Junpei/Izumi  
Amish Paradise Junpei/Kazemon, Ophanimon/Bokomon Rape
All Seasons: Wisemon's Actual Ending Series Series
Isle Thing Kazu/Hazy  
eBay N/A  
Don't Wear Those Shoes N/A  
Don't download this song Yolei/Professor Watanabe  
Waffle King Junpei/Izumi  
Good Old Days N/A  
Syndicated Inc. N/A  
A complicated song Daisuke/Miyako/Henry  
Your horoscope for the day N/A  
You Don't Love Me Anymore Hikari/Takeru Summer 2004 Contest Winner
Gump Jyou/Mimi JULY 2006 - Author of the Month Contest Winner
The Alternative Polka N/A At-a-Glance - About the Author
Lasagna N/A  
Sunbeam for a Subway Junpei/Izumi Mind Fuck

At a Glance

Writing Preferences:

Likes:Researched characterization, researched catchphrases, catchphrases in general, euphony, metaphors, allusions, symbolism, parody, moral lessons, references to alternative rock, grammatical perfection, everything that I expect of myself and have learned to not expect of others
Dislikes:Dislikes: Drugs, alcohol, original characters, deviant sexual behavior, fan fiction devoid of characterization (fan fiction that isn’t really fan fiction), people who tell me that getting drunk and getting laid will solve all my problems, telemarketers, defense attorneys, tobacco lobbyists, men, women, I even hate you too, so fuck you

About the Author:

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This stuff is good! Interesting plot and talented sex scenes... You are an icon among lemon writers. [Treemu]

funny,romance,cooool,great [formetoknow]

i really enjoyed this stories. they are fruit of a great writerwho knows how to write a good story. [kowaiser]

Your Lemons Rock.

Wisemon you truly are a great author. Your chapters are both long and fast paced. It is both sad and funny at the same time. However I would say that this makes it more realistic. The way you include songs in your stories is outstanding and both deep and meaningful. You have showed me situations I would have never thought or even dreamt of. But I always knew Takuya smoked pot. I look forward to more of your writing. However you shouldn't rush it. Keep on Writing! [jmj102]

Splendid! a truly grand piece of work [labyrinthfire]

I'd like to have an intelligent and mature debate (for lack of a better term) with you on the virtues of Tamers versus Frontier. Clearly your favorite season is Frontier and your least favorite is Tamers. My opinions are the opposite, and I'd like a chance to contest some of the 'truths' presented in the PSAs before the first story in your series. If you're interested, e-mail me at u54comics@yahoo.com [Tiefling]

Hmm i like you're style [X]

Hey, you're pretty good. I like your stories pretty much, two thumbs up for da mastah! [Hampy Guy]

you like weird al! [frank]

I loved the last battle! A little grusome ne? Your a great writer! [Chihiro]

Hmmm,lookie at what i see,I give some lemons a chance(not the fruit),and it actually amuses me,which some people and things rarely do(except video games),so congrats on quality [DORU-SLaughT`]