Love Code
Chapter 1 Takuya/Koji Anal
Kouichi Kouichi/Kouji KouichixTakuyaxKouji Semi-non-con, Hardcore, Threesome, Twincest, Blowjob, Handjob.
Red Heat Vritramon / Garmmon , Kouji Yaoi, Anal, Hardcore, Macrophilia, Hyperphallic, Spooge, Deep Penetration (More than listed)
Indefinite Piece
Heaven or Hell Kouji Masturbation, Herm
Chapter 1 Takuya / Kouji Yaoi, Blowjob, Masturbation, Self-Bondage, Humiliation, S&M
Prologe Kouichi/Takuya  
Burn Kouichi/Takuya Frottage, Crossdressing, Anal, Hardcore, Semi-non-con, Masturbation
Epiloge Kouichi/Takuya Masturbation, Blowjob, Anal, Hardcore

At a Glance

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Likes:Digimon Fanfiction of any type, Takouji/Koukuya, KouKou, TaKouKou, Kinky and graphic, but novella-type lemons
Dislikes:Crude and unimaginative lemons, extremely out of character characters, unfounded character bashing, way too much/way too little detail, and people who read my stories, are blown away by them, and don't leave a comment |D

About the Author:

I don't really divulge any personal information. Not my age, sex, or location, thank you very much. I'm old enough to be on the site, my threshold of sexual identity is extremely low, and I hate rain. That's kind of all you need to know. I'm almost constantly online, and if I'm not, send me an e-mail; I check it like every fifteen minutes. I'd love to chat with pretty much anyone about anything. My favourite season is Frontier, by the by |D I don't take requests or commissions, but I accept ideas or concepts. If you think, Hey, this concept with this character is kind of cool, I might be like, yeah, that is kinda cool. I might do that. Just don't beg me to write something.