Captive Gyr/Griffmon/Flamedramon YAOI
Digimon Love Gabumon/Gatomon & Palmon/Agumon & Gomamon/Biyomon  
Rock Star Biyomon/Agumon  
Hat Trick Agumon/Gabumon/Veemon YAOI
Warm Hearts WereGarurumon/Flamedramon YAOI
Mind Games Palmon/Veemon  
Birdnapped Biyomon/Gazimon  
Impmon Gets What's Coming to him Impmon/Renamon Torture
Antitrust Veemon/Gatomon  
A Vampire's Temptation Veemon/Vampmon  
She Impmon/Elfmon  
Enter the Trillermon Trillermon/Renamon  
Evil From Beyond BlackWargreymon/Renamon rape
Unforgettable Veemon/Gatomon  
Feathery Infatuation Biyomon/Hawkmon  
The 'Infected' Series
The Host Veemon/Jun rape
The Uprising Davis/Yolei & Veemon/Gatomon contains rape
Something Creepy this Way Comes Gatomon/Hawkmon & Gatomon/Tai & Matt/Kari contains rape
Data Analysis Gatomon/Davis & Kari/Davis contains rape
Mutate With Me Davis/Yolei  
The 'DigiDOOM' Series
The End... The Beginning n/a EXTREME VIOLENCE
Chainguns and Digieggs and Cacodemons, Oh My! n/a EXTREME VIOLENCE
Davis and Goliath n/a EXTREME VIOLENCE
The 'A Tale of two Digis' Series
Uncertain Bond BlackWargreymon/Flamedramon & Veemon (solo) YAOI / contains Masturbation
A Night Worth Remembering Blackwargreymon/Flamedramon YAOI
Of Pain and Pleasure Blackwargreymon/Flamedramon YAOI


Although he certainly doesn't need it, Trillermon has earned the Version 1 Seal Of Approval(TM). "Infected" is one of the best dark fics I've read in a very long time, and "DigiDOOM" is quickly becomed a favorite. Trillermon is truly a great author. [Hikari Roivas Version 1]

Trillermon really knows what he's doing when he does these lemons, (or he just has one hell of a good imagination!). In any case, he has great writing skills and is willing to write a whole range of materials. Way to go Trillermon! [Zero the Maverick Hunter2]

Trillermon is another author who puts a lot of plot into his lemons. His 'Infected' series is a dark and powerful piece of writing where friends become enemies. Truly a dark epic worth reading. [Red Rover]

Potential doesn't begin to describe what this young author has. He's taken my writing world by storm, putting two firm, sweaty palms around it and shaking it like a British nanny. With an inspiring talent to portray characters and write finely-tuned lemon scenes, the likes of which I haven't seen since Felixman, Redrover, and Sonimon, I can only sit back and offer support occasionally as I watch this one rise to the ranks. Fantastic job, Trillermon! [Jodan]