Obsidian And Jade
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Evil's Second Coming Hitomi Solo
The 'Young Discoveries' Series
The Birds And The Digimon T.K./Patamon Part 1
Sora's Crest of Love T.K./Sora Part 2
The Need For Release Sora/T.K./Biyomon/Patamon Part 3 / YURI
A Girl And Her Digimon Kari/Gatomon Part 4 / YURI
A Willing Student Kari/Gatomon/Agumon Part 5 / YURI
Seeing Things Differently Kari/T.K. Part 6
Tai-ing Up Loose Ends Agumon/Gatomon/Patamon & Tai/Sora Part 7
The 'Seperated from Friends' Series
A Slow Recovery Biyomon/Palmon Part 1 / YURI
Darkened Dreams Mimi/Myotismon Part 2 / S&M
The 'Getting Back Together' Series
Flowers, Candy, and Digimon Tai/Sora Part 1
True Happiness Sora/Matt Part 2
Request Central
Tickled Pink Mimi/Gomamon & Sora/Kari/Mimi/Palmon/Biyomon/Gatomon YURI
Unlikely Compassion Izzy/Veemon YAOI
A Night Off All the Digimon(except Gatomon)  
Getting A Charge Out Of Elecmon Elecmon/Patamon  
Superior In Every Way Ken/Kari Rape
A Case Of Mistaken Identity Floramon/Veemon  
Midnight Samba Henry/Suzy Diapers / Incest
Harvest Moon Guilmon/Takato Yaoi


Togashi, your lemons are great. I have trouble picturing Patamon as a girl though... They still kick ass though!! [MetalMikemon]

Togashi, your lemons are awesome. Keep on writing them! And I also agree with you on the fact that Patamon is a girl. [NovaX]

Togashi, I swear that you are one of the greatest authors out there. Also, thanx for the words of encouragement. You are TRULY the best. [Christine]

Your story is very good. It would be better if it didn't hop around. [Rattrap 2.0]

Hey Togashi, you are a great lemon writer, but I would really like to seea lemon series from you. And as for Patamon, its not a boy or a girl.ITS A FLYING POT ROAST FOR GOSHSAKES! [RainDragon]

Dear Togashi. Your stories Are the best I have ever read before.I was only on my PC a day and read all your stories.They are perfect. ope you'll write some more. [Amagedon]

I just want to say that Your writting is one of the best I've had the privalige of reading. What makes it great is that Your lemons have an actual point unlike others I could name Please continue writting or I'll get angry (Just kidding I wont get angry) but I will miss your writting if you do so please, please don't. [Goeleven]