Tatsumi Ichiro

Dark Side Pleasure Wargreymon/BlackWarGreymon/Exveemon YAOI
A Warrior's Passion Veemon/Agumon & Exveemon/Greymon YAOI
I Love Myself Today Veemon and all his forms YAOI
High Stakes XVeemon/BlackWarGreymon YAOI
Obvious Attraction Stingmon/Ken YAOI/poem
Wishing For You Agumon/Veemon YAOI/poem


Ichiro-san is one of the NC-17 fanfiction writers that caught my interest with his creative and dynamic Digimon lemon fictions, with his inspirational (in terms of adult criteria that is.) stories.. I was able to create the Black Fire Heart manga, now posted at Mediaminer under my gallery account there of my same full name...Tatsumi-san, I bid you the best of luck and keep on writing! [Shinzo no Kage, a.k.a. SHINNOSUKE-REIJI, Novice Manga Ka]