Tank Cop

Truth Or Dare T.K/Kari  
Mimi's Nightmare Mimi/Patamon/Gabumon/ Palmon/Agumon/Gomamon Mild YURI
A Big Brother Has To Do Matt/T.K. Lime
Matt's Revenge Matt/Sora Rape
Sleeping Beauty Matt/Mimi  
Can I Join In Mimi/Tai/Sora  
The Emperor's New Toy Ken/Christine Rape
Experiments In Love Kari/Izzy  
Play My Game T.K./Davis/Kari  
Peer Pressure Matt/Jun  
One day in the Forest T.K./Mimi  
A Mother's Love T.K./Nancy Incest
MST: Angeteen's "There's More Then One Way to Quit Smoking Yolei/T.K.  
Love Babies Terriermon/Lopmon  
Babies' Day Out Juri/Takato/Guilmon Diapers
Renamon's Adventure In Babysitting Ruki/Renamon, Terriermon/Renamon, Impmon/Terriermon Diapers


nancy manga and story are the greatest [beta]

I can't wait for the next in the "love babies" series!

don't you thoink 85 swats on th bare ass is a little more then disipline? Poor Takeru. [kojiro rei]

These stories are fan-friggin-tastic. It is amazing how much art is made based on this guys stories. [Chaos Master]

This writer brings a new outlook on things to the Digilemon world. Tank Cop writes about a wide range of subjects, each more unique than the last. [Togashi]

This guy does great lemons, and he's the one who inspired me to start writing lemons. Thanks man, and your lemon rule! [MasterYDP Ec]

Tank Cop, I can only summarize you with one word:  whoa!  Your stories are captivating emotionally, and that is what makes you such a great writer. Bring forth a storm in your wake; and I will awaken everyone with my thunderous darkness. [Darkmon, Prince of Darkness]

I love this guy's work.  He brings a whole new meaning to the word 'Good.' [Bigman140]