Sora Rocks

Crests Of Courage And Light Veemon/Kari  
The 'Virgins They Are No More' Series
There's A First Time For Everyone Agumon/Palmon Part 1
I Want Revenge Patamon/Biyomon Part 2
Virginity's Gone Now T.K./Kari Part 3
Sex Under The Stars T.K./Kari & Tai/Sora Part 4
Child's Play Cody/Hawkmon Part 5
Go Yolei, Go! Yolei/Cody/Hawkmon Part 6
Veemon the Virgin Veemon/Palmon Part 7
Forbidden Kari/Sora Part 8, Yuri
The Girl Who Cried Wolf Weregarurumon/Mimi  


this is a great place for lemons i bow to the owner of SORA ROCKS. but it makes me wonder Mewtwo and Renamon in bed with Mimi. HMMMMM [D- MAN]

I think that she started out with a lot of good strong lemons. I myself personally liked 'The Girl Who Cried Wolf'. I hope she keeps up the good work.