The 'Fox Tails' Series
Part 1 Renamon/Ryokumon Epic Story
Part 2: Journey of Mind Ryokumon/Vulpi  
Part 3: To Home Renamon/Ryokumon/Maria  
Part 4: D Vulpi/Ryokumon  
The Faces We Ware Rika/Takato  


mmm, how can I explain...? ok, here I go...

some years ago me and a friend wrote a story, when I first read yours, I didnt know what to think!!!, they are very similar, anyway, you�re story (ryoku) is very interesting, I�ve been reading for some time, and I cant stop,what makes me worry is that when I get to finish chap 4, there will be no more too read. When are you going to put a the new chapter??? I hope It'll be soon... mail me at [Ryoko]

I think your the best author here no one can compare to your foxtails series. You are my mentore and i hope to be just as good so c'ya and rock on [Crimsonmon]

i love you works and the really do have the feel of a good story about them. i egearly await your next segement of fox tails. also if you want/ need an editer i am available. i do belinve that you have my email and if not you can reach me through the message board [eurtan]

Your 'Fox Tails' series is GREAT! 10/10! [Zeta Infinite]