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What a Wake-Up Call! Matt/Gabumon Yaoi
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Likes:straight, yaoi, Gabumon, fuzzy cuteness, cum
Dislikes:vore, gore, extreme violence, scat

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I'm a 24 year old professional classical singer from Canada finishing up my masters program. I'm also the treasurer of this site. I'm big into classical music, video games, and the furry sub-culture. My life is too busy for any other hobbies! That about does it. Thanks!


Senjuro's lemons are really good!! They have such good detail and I really like them!! [mistysilverwolf]

These Lemons rock hardcorely (not only because of Gabumon) but they blow all others away! Nice going Senjuro! [Rorancrystalwolf]

I love your stories! I hope to see more. [Jo-Lo]