Return of Leomon Leomon/Renamon  
The 'Gatomon's Pride' Series
Cats Do Lay Eggs Gomamon/Gatomon & Joe/Kari  
The Empty Village Lillymon/Izzy & Matt/Mimi & Hawkmon/Gabumon/Biyomon & Yolei/XVeemon/Davis & T.K./Patamon & Sora/Agumon/Armidillomon Orgies galore
A New Player in the Game Gomamon/Gatomon  
The 'A Soul Mate for Veemon' Series
Love at First Site Veemon/AquaVeemon  
The 'Digimon Legends' Series
As Time Passes Veemon/AquaVeemon  

At a Glance

Contacting Info:


Writing Preferences:

Likes:romance, stories with a plot, not just lemon scenes, bondage, yuri, Veegato, Leomon/Renamon
Dislikes:rape, yaio, scat, water-sports and excessive violence without a reason (Yes, there can be a reason for violence)

About the Author:

I'm a white male. I live in Southern Louisiana, yeah, that's "Bayou Country"! I'm an avid reader and love anime as well as most animations. I discovered the Digiartists Domain when Togashi and Soni were both administrators and was inspired to write when I started to read Red Rover's "My Sister's Keeper" series. Though this may be a shock to some of you, I'm 40+ years old and have seen every episode of Digimon, as well as Beyblade, Witch, Pokemon and Dragon Booster. This goes to show you that you're only as old as you feel and, if you have an open mind and a vivid immagination, never too old to write lemons!


return of leomon was pretty damn good and the subtle use of emotion was well done ****/***** again wll done

Is the Saber Gatomon you, or just a character with your name? I liked it though and can't wait to read more! [Hyperman]

I like you're style [X]

I loved your first three lemons,I thoguht they were amazing.Keep up the great work,devil... [(_~Devil~_)]

Nyaan Nrrr mrrr nyaaaaa! (That was the beeeeest!) Purr merrr phht nyyya. (Cats Do lay eggs.) [Shingi Kiyo (neko)]

I really enjoyed his/her lemon on 'Cats DO Lay Eggs'. I have always been a fan of unusual couples.

dude you rule mixing the 2nd and 3rd seasonlike that in 'gatomons pride' series was shear genius [Shadow Rage]