The 'Cheaters' Series
Awakening Lust T.K./Kari  
Doubts Sora/Matt  
Burning Desires Mimi  
Young Love T.K./Kari  
The 'Sexual Escapades of Takeru Takaishi' Series
When You're Good To Momma... T.K./Nancy Incest
What Does Blood Matter in Sex? T.K./Nancy, Cherise CONTAINS Incest, Masturbation
My Cousin, My Lover T.K./Cherise Incest
Behind Closed Doors T.K./Mimi  


I'm honored to consider myself something of a friend with R80. His works are powerful, dramatic, and beautiful in their own way. He has written so much more than just the fics here, and everything he has produced is a quality piece of literature. Rock on Rob, rock on! [Hikari Roivas Version 1]

When You're Good To Momma... IS THE BEST LEMON I EVER READ!!! ive read it about 10 times you a great writier and make more of them like with Kari/Tk/Nancy^^ [Tada3490]

I read "When You're Good To Momma..." and it was the greatest lemon I have ever read! I look forward to more 'Sexual Escapades of the Takaishi Family' [B.A.]

I knew robster awhile back when most authors were on He's pretty good. His fics are well done and his cheaters series was interesting to read. [UnknownH]