Rena Tamer

The 'Axel & Rena' Series (Related Gallery)
Part 1 Rena, Rena/Axel Contains Masturbation
Part 2 Rena/Axel  
Part 3 Rena/Axel, Gatomon Contains Voyeurism
Part 4 Rena/Axel Contains Voyeurism
Part 5 Kimmy/Angewomon  
Part 6 Rena/Axel  
Part 7 Rena/Axel  
Part 8 Rena/Axel  
Part 9 Rena/Axel, Mary/Kimmy Contains Voyeurism

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Likes:Hentia, Drawing, Transformers, and anyone?... Renamon... du!
Dislikes:AD&D 3erd edition and girls who think they can change me

About the Author:

Well what can I say? My name is Michael, I'm thirty something years old American. I'm into roll playing games and giant robots. I like furry art; I write dirty, smut filled, lemons and draw adult cartoons. Also I'm not a smoker, I don't drink and I don't do drugs... my mind is screwed up enough, thank you. ;3


well writen a sense of friendship that you dont often see emotions involved all i can say is add some uplifting comedy

Alright, first off let me get this off my mind... Wow. theres not very many words that can decribe your work. the art is great and the stories are as well. i do have a ? though, are you going to be making more stories and or pictures to give the readers a visual on whats going on. oh and another thing, i like how you made it clear on the digimon and human history. [Leons Sheldios]

Renatamers stories are one-of-a-kind... the only other person that has mastered the art of Renamon is Red Rover... [Teh Critic]

I've got to say I'm impressed. You write great stories, some of the best on the site if you're looking for content instead of just sex. Keep up the good work! [Jans]

Nice Storie man

I'm greatly Impressed with your work "Rena Tamer". If you could do one with Mummymon and Arukienymon(for give any possible miss spellings). The relationship between rena & alex is somewhat similar too their's. [zodiac]

Superb. [Derf]

Great work I'm wondering When your next part is coming up. I always had thoughts that Biomerging would cause changes in humans... [Axel's changes] Or is it the sex... I got to find out Post Part 4 soon!! [Zelinko]

when will we see part 10 [zelko]

Great story.

I actually skipped thru the sex parts just to read the story.. and I don't do that very much.

Hope you'll finish up with the next few parts soon, I can't wait! [Jin]

Brillent!!! [Kai Dragon]

I Love the stories, especailly the sex parts. It's absolutely renavating how you describe every detail in the sex scene; I love every minute of it, but what I notice in all your stories that you have quite a few misspelling; if you don't mind, I would like to write the story and give it a clearer understanding. P.S. I Really love the sex scenes. [Big_Beautiful05]

WOW awsome stories man. Please get some more out there we wanna read them. [MentalGuy]