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Likes:Romance/Fluff, Straight, and occasionally Crossbreeding and Yuri
Dislikes:Yaoi, BDSM, Watersports

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About me: Well, what should I tell you about me? I'm a male Austrian- for those of you who tend to confuse it with Down Under: Austria is the tiny country just south of Germany , which makes my native language German, obviously. However, I usually write (and read) in English, for I have a considerable affinity for this language. I'm a strong supporter of Rukato and Takari, yet I generally tolerate most other couples just as well. I like reading, writing (and once in a while MSTing) fanfiction; yet I'm almost entirely new to lemon writing. If you have read my works, feel free to send me feedback (both positive and negative, of course) via mail or IM- I'd appreciate it immensely.