The 'Rena's Mate' Series
Who is Raka? Renamon masturbation
Rika's Hidden Feeling Rika/Henry lime
Define 'Mate' Rakamon/Renamon  
Mate's Definition Rika/Henry  
Crossroads Takato/Juri  
Drowning in the Timestream Renamon/Angemon  
Most Thorns have Roses Renamon/Rakamon  
A Fool's Wish Rika/???  
I Confide in Thee Rika/Henry  
Rainy Days Takato/Jeri/Guilmon  
Henry's Conversion Renamon/Rakamon  
Wrath Of The Raped Renamon/Impmon & Rakamon/Impmon YAOI / Rape
What The... ???  
A Good Day n/a  
Time Is Short Rakamon/Renamon  
Crazy Taxi Godofchaosmark/Sora  
Life as 17 Sora/Mimi/Godofchaosmark contains YURI
His Name Is William Mimi/William tentacles
Innocence And Purity ???  
Intent Ceej/Jun  


I realy liked the Rena's mate series, write more, please <^_^> [Razorwind]

Excellent! excellent work! some of the best stories i ever read. It is not about mindless sex, but instead, it has a nice and dramatic plot. Keep it up! [Digidestined of Valor]

This is some good fanfictions. Rena's mate is one of the best series i have ever read. [Bomb Phantom]

I like the Raka, Rena's Mate series becuz its like real life well some if it mead up but its all good well keep it up becuz ther is no way i can miss the end if this becuz it rocks well i just want to say i LOVED IT [IceJr.]

Raka you are really good at this of writing lemons, and i really like the kind of lemons you write (rena RENA RENA!!!). Your friend: [Resumon da argentine Fox]

I like his Rena's Mate series. Romantic and cool. [Daniel]