Digimon Lemons
A Visit From An Idol M.Guilmon / F.Charizard / F.Renamon  
A Happy Mistake M.Mewtwo / M.Flamedramon YAOI
Across The River M.Charizard / M.Exveemon YAOI
A Member of The Group M.Charmeleon/M.Veemon YAOI
Thank You F.Charizard/F.Renamon YURI
Returning The Favor M.Charizard / M.Flamedramon / M.BlackWarGreymon YAOI
Disciplinary Reasons M.Zhuqiaomon/F.Antylamon  
Love Birds M.Zhuqiaomon/F.Moltres  
A Cute Little Problem M.Veemon/M.Flamedramon YAOI
The Fruits Of Victory Ash/M.Bulbasaur/F.Bayleef  
Four Digimon Go Into A trip Club, And... M.Exveemon/M.WereGarurumon/ M.BlackWarGreymon/M.Leomon/M.Lion-Morph YAOI
1st and 10 M.Entei/M.Lion-Morph YAOI
Me And My Shadow M.WarGreymon/M.BlackWarGreymon YAOI
Another Cute Little Problem M.Veemon/M.Guilmon/M.Flamedramon YAOI
More Sex on the Beach (As Well as Everywhere Else) M.Dragonite/F.Flamedramon/M.Charizard/F.Lapras  
Special Counseling Ash/Kari & M.Veemon/F.Meowth & F.Gatomon/M.Eevee  
The Dancer M.Mewtwo/M.Guilmon YAOI
The Newest Member M.Veemon/M.Monodramon YAOI
Two Dragons in Love M.Flamedramon/M.Exveemon YAOI
Vengeance M.Flamedramon(x5)/M.DarkFlamedramon/M.Lion-Morph YAOI / Rape
You Never Know Who You're Going to Meet at 2:00AM M.Charizard/M.Blue-Eyes White Dragon/F.Renamon contains YAOI
The newest Member M.Monodramon/M.Veemon YAOI
Another visit from an Idol M.Guilmon/M.Mewtwo & M.Guilmon/M.Flamedramon
& Mewtwo/F.Charizard & M.Guilmon/M.Dragonite &
F.Renamon/F.Charizard & M.Guilmon/F.Charizard &
contains YAOI
The 'Flamedramon's Adventures in Smash World' Saga
DETOUR!! M.Flamedramon/M.Bowser YAOI
Horny Dramon Meets Hornier Dino M.Flamedramon/M.Yoshi YAOI
FINALLY! M.Flamedramon/M.Yoshi/M.Mewtwo YAOI
Pokemon Lemons
Repaying The Rescuer M.Rhydon/F.Rhydon  
Kindred Spirits Ash/M.Mewtwo YAOI
Burning Passion M.Cyndaquil/F.Chikorita  
The Message M.Mewtwo/Misty  
After The Battle M.Charizard/M.Dragonite YAOI
It's Just a Post Evolutionary Thing Tails/M. Charmeleon YAOI
Titans Of Fire M.Entei/F.Charizard  
On The Undercard M.Mewtwo/M.Yoshi/M.Bowser YAOI
Caterpile Ash/M.Entei/M.Raikou/F.Suicune YAOI
Opposites Attract M.Tyranitar/F.Mewtwo  
When Legends Collide M.Mewtwo/M.MewtwoUltimate YAOI
Legendary Rivals M.Mewtwo/M.Lugia YAOI
Forgive and Forget 2 Ash/M.Charizard YAOI
Out For A Swim M.Dragonite x3 YAOI
Forgive and Forget 2 v.2 Ash/F.Charizard  
A Legendary Suprise Ash/F.Articuno/M.Zapdos/M.Moltres/F.Ho-Oh/M.Lugia um, orgy ^^
Change Brings Love Ash/F.Bayleef  
The Beckoning Ash/Misty/M.Mewtwo  
A New Ally, An Old Flame Ash/M.Mewtwo/M.MewtwoUltimate YAOI
Summer Lovin’ M.Eevee/F.Eevee  
Wings Of Love M.Blue-Eyes White Dragon/M.Red-Eyes Black Dragon YAOI
A Stranger From Another World M.Dragonite/Godzuki YAOI
Double Fantasy M.Mewtwo/Misty/M.Charizard  
God's Offering Slifer/F.Zapdos/F.Articuno/F.Moltres contains HERM
Shrine of the Sun Winged Dragon of Ra/M.Dragonite YAOI
Forgive and Forget 3 Ash/M.Charizard & Ash/Misy/M.Charizard contains YAOI
The 'Lost Hearts' Saga
The Promise M.MewtwoUltimate/F.Ninetales-Morph  
Allegiance of Passion M.MewtwoUltimate/F.Human & F.Ninetales-Morph/M.Human  
The 'How Ash Caught the Legendary Birds' Saga
Love at 15.000 feet F.Articuno/Ash  
Sparks of Passion fly Ash/F. Articuno & M.Zapdos/Ash/F.Articuno contains YAOI

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i got to say it: god dam your good!! its impossible to resist by-passing any!! please, dont quit writin!! [tamer of legend]

Not bad at all! How about some YURI?

Keep it up with Yoshi Man :P

Very nice use of Digimon aand Pokemon. some of my favoirites are Special Counseling, and the Legendary Bird Saga. Very VERY nice work. Hope to see more come from you soon

Man this dude is good!!!!!!! I like the way he uses pokemon and digimon together. Keep it up i am your biggest fan!!!!! [billy the bomb]