A Day At The Park Rika/Takato & Renamon/Guilmon  
A Hero's Reward Gomamon/Floramon Live Yiff
The Cat's Out of the Bag Gabumon/Gatomon/Agumon Live Yiff
Injury Angewomon/Blackwargreymon Live Yiff
Gomamon's Wet Dream Joe/Gomamon Yaoi
The Digital Plague Series
The Chase Ladyveemon/Flamedramon Live Yiff
The Visit Veemon/LadyVeemon  
The Intruder Gatomon/Monodramon  
The Investigation    


"A Hero's Reward" is the best first lemon I've seen a new author write. Also, the fact that it has been done with a new, I assume, technique like that impress me. Great work, Paladine! [Earthbone]

Paladine i'm starting to read your lemons. That of doing them live and then re-writing them is the more creative idea. And like Togh said is good to have womans writing lemons and pretty cool too. [Resumon da argentine Fox]

One thing I've always said is we need more women writers, and this is why! Paladine takes a new approach for lemon writing, taking live yiff's and rewrting them as lemons. Nothing makes a lemon more erotic than staring in a lemon [Red Rover]