The 'The Boy and The Fox' Series
Part I Kenny/Renamon, Kenny/Kyubimon  
Part II Kenny/Renamon/Zeusmon, Renamon/Zeusmon Yuri, Herm
Part III Kenny/WereGarurumon Yaoi, Rape,
Water Sports
Part VI n/a  
This Is Better Then Aromatic Grass Kite/Mia  
Love Of The Bunny Takato/Gargomon Yaoi
The 'Digimon Muyo!' Series
Angel Of Mercy Tenchi/Angewomon  
The 'Renamon Herm' Series
The Arrival Kenny/Renamon Contains Herm

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Likes:Renamon, Crossovers, Heterosexal, Yuri, Anime Characters (I seen or watched), and some bit of Fight scene

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I'm a male I started writing lemons whenever I get bored or nothing to do, I like Music, Play Games, and something else and I'm glad I'm part of this and I just want to fit in like the all the writers.


Tenchi great crosover ever [miroku]