Omega Dragon

Newbies Aren't So Bad! Guilmon/Mimi & Veemon/Gatomon & Renamon/Gabumon  
Making Out AquaVeemon/Veemon/Gatomon  
Fiery Desire Weregarurumon/Flamedramon/Wargreymon YAOI
Doppelganging Mirror Guilmon/Mimi  
Strapped T.K. on a Hot Tin Matt T.K./Matt rape / incest
Kitty Likes Her Meat Stiff Gatomon/Guilmon & Renamon/Gabumon  
The 'Burning Hearts' Series
Gatomon to the Rescue Gatomon/Agumon & Agumon/Biyomon Part 1
The 'Interdimensional Love' Series
Wormhole to Pleasure Garurumon/Kyubimon/RedXIII  
Quest for Home WereGarurumon/Taomon & Garurumon/Kyubimon & Gabumon/Kyubimon  
New Friends WereGarurumon/Flamedramon YAOI
The Unnamed Series
A Vision n/a Part 1

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Likes:Anything, dependant on mood, except...
Dislikes:SCAT, hyper (Super strong / buff / large, etc etc)...

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Heh...yo. Joining the DaD back in 2K2 and making a return just lately, I plan to double the quality of my lemons, sex-scenes included. Since, I matured a lot and have joined the furry fandom, where I "unlocked" a lot of my dormant kinks.You're all in for a surprise ^-^. Yes, I'm a fur, so if you want, contact me. I love Digimon, and writing about it...heh...guess that's about it.


a well done band of lemons and such..well well made indeed [Tassadar]