The 'Unending Death' Series
What a Way to Start! Angewomon/Joe/Lillymon  
Bad Things Happen Joe/Sora  
Separation Mimi/Palmon YURI
Cat Scratch Fever Matt/Gatomon  
The Odd Couple Matt/LadyDevimon  
Electric Boogalu Izzy/Mimi  
Oh Sh*t Tai/Kari incest
Die Potroast Die LadyDevimon/Angemon  
The Early Bird Gets T.K.'s Worm Biyomon/T.K.  
The End of "The Unending Death" n/a lime
The 'Around the Campfire' Series
Wow Tai did it with a Plant Tai/Palmon  
The "I Did My Friend's Girlfriend Blues" Matt/Sora  
F*ck Aspirin Izzy/Gatomon  
The 'Sandcastles and Condoms' Series
Bikinis or One-Piece's? Izzy/Mimi  
Great Balls of Fire Dodger/Agumon YAOI
The First Betrayal Tai/Sora  
Flower Power n/a lime
Branching Out Joe/Lillymon  
What Goes Around Tai/Gatomon  
Confessions (Part 1) n/a