The Imperfect Truth    
The 'Exhibition' Collection
Darkness Before the Dawn Agumon/Gatomon  
Picture Perfect Sora/Jun YURI
Self-Reliance Kari/Isis Cain Pedo
The 'Prologue' Saga
When it Rains Angemon/Saidenmon &
Salamon/Gatomon &
Salamon/Salamon &
Contains YAOI and Incest
Sam I Am Taka/Mary  
When Worlds Collide    
Save the Last Dance Wendell/Lt. West Rape
Inadvocare Pax - "Where Angels Lose Their Wings"    
Ore Wa Akuma-San Saidenmon/Felimon Rape
The 'Blood and Water' Saga
Through the Looking Glass Saidenmon/Leomon YAOI/Rape
Mon in the Mirror - Redux
Letter from the Author    
Part I: The Legend of the Chronosphere
Mon in the Mirror Renamon/Renamon [revised]
The Emperor's Court   [revised]
The Cookie Crumbles   [revised]
Task Group Forty-Seven    
Promises to Keep    
The Oracle of Forever    
Release of Moon Takato/Keyana  
Tranquil Cataclysm    
An Everlasting Unity    
The Most Deep and Darkest Valley of Skull Terriermon/Lopmon  
The Absolute Renamon/MirrorRenamon YURI
The Legend of the Chronosphere    
Broken Requiem  Takato/Jeri  
Poetry Collection
These Wings of Mine    
The 'A Boy I Once Knew' Miniseries
The Trial    
The Polyjuice Potion (Human Nature) Hermione & Hermione/Myrtle contains masturbation YAOI/Herm
Eye of the Storm   abandoned lemon/comedy
All Good Things    
Around the Way    
Insanity 101    
Just Another Statistic    
Too Many Mes    
Original Short Stories
What You Leave Behind    
The 'Ragnarok Reloaded' Series
Prolouge: "Upgrade"    


the harry potter one is great do you have any more or know where to get more [crazydude]


I did like the story "Legend of the ChronoSphere" but I still can't stop viewing it as the 'Command & Conquer Red Alert' Device... []

you ish a good writter :D keep it up [Hermione]