Neo PatamonX

Patamon's Birthday All Digidestined Season01 Digimon Orgy / YAOI
Best Friends Drake/Patamon YAOI
Antenaia Tentomon/Izzy YAOI
Black and White Veemon/Gatomon & Gatomon/Veemon/BlackGatomon  
Catnip! Gatomon/Kari YURI
Closing Time Veemon/Patamon YAOI
Consuming Evil Ken/Wormmon & Ken/Floramon YAOI & STRAIGHT
First Time Tamer Hylin/Gazimon YAOI
Full Moon Gabumon/Tai YAOI
Reborn BlackPatamon/Lillymon/Patamon  
Stuffed Toys Veemon/Jun  
Touched by Angelwomon Yolei/Sora/Mimi/Kari/Angelwomon YURI


Ok I think that Neo PatamonX's writing has got some very in interesting concepts I to see more lemons from this author also I like the concept of the writer actually being in the lemon keep writing Neo PatamonX [dark night]

Yours stories are sometimes eccentric and bewildering--but I love them! So I say, keep on stunning me with new developments and I shall continue to be your hardcore fan. [Darkmon, Prince of Darkness]