Mr. Smooth

The 'Dark Shadows: Rings of Six' Series
It Starts: Part 1 T.K./Kari  
It Starts: Part 2 Takato/Jeri  
The Decision Ken/Yolei  
Indecision Rika/Ryo  
Penunity Matt/Sora  
Together Again Rika/Renamon YURI
Spearhead Yamaki/Riley  
Aftermath Renamon/Impmon  
Phase II Jeri/D-Reaper(tentacles) rape
Genesis of the Digiforce Alyfeadermon/Lillymon/Toximon/Megamon rape
Fall of the Sovereign Yamaki/Riley  
Overcome Biyomon/Agumon  
Release Kari/Gatomon Yuri
Troop Orders Henry / Rika  

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Likes:Yuri (lots o lots o Yuri), Izumi, Sora01 and Kari02 ;) , a little comedy, original epics
Dislikes:Yaoi, heavy focused gore

About the Author:

English, male, and writing (slowly) - the series i have running is slow in making, but it's getting there...