The 'Saga of Elements' Saga, The 'Saga of Fire and Frost' Series
Everything Has a Start N/A  
Raise Thy Sword N/A  
Battle of North and South N/A War, Violent
The past, present and future N/A  
Beginning of the end N/A  
Dwell into darkness N/A  
And then... N/A Violentic
Battle of North and South N/A EXTREMELY Violentic!!
The 'Saga of Elements' Saga, The Saga of Water and Wood
New Beginning n/a EXTREMELY Violentic!!
Throne of Souls n/a  
In the Still Darkness n/a Birth/Violentic
Judgement of Life n/a EXTREMELY Violentic!!
The End of the World n/a EXTREMELY Violentic!!
The 'Destruction' Series
Dark Sight Veedramon/Gatomon  
Biggest Sin 1 Gatomon/Agumon Rape
Biggest Sin 2 Veedramon/Gatomon/Patamon Rape
Biggest Sin 3 Biyomon x4/Cloaked Figure  
Deadly Joy N/A Gore, EXTREME rape and violence
God Smiles Upon Thee N/A EXTREME violence
Harmageddon Angelissamon/Gabrielmon  
Death and mayhem throughout the world N/A  
This is fucking creepy Mariamon (Transexual)/Luciantmon Transgenderism, scat, transexuals, Gore, rape, Torture
The 'Digimon: Unforgiven' Series
Prelude to Pain n/a  
Don't Eat Raw Meat n/a  
The Forbidden Fruit n/a  
Holy Cross n/a  
Nightmare n/a  
End Game n/a  
Life Story Series
Life Hermaphrodite/Jessie Hermaphrodites, toys
Life 2 Hermaphrodite/Boyfriend Hermaphrodites, bi sexuality
Life 3 Hermaphrodite/Mother Hermaphrodites, incest
Life 4 Hermaphrodite/Jessie/Boyfriend Hermaphrodites, threesome, bi sexuality, water sports
Wizard of OZ Series
1 n/a N/A
1 n/a Finnish
2 n/a N/A
2 n/a Finnish
3 n/a N/A
3 n/a Finnish
4 n/a N/A
4 n/a Finnish
Final Phantasy Trilogy Series
Good Laid Tifa/Man/Man, Yuffie/Cloud, "Aeris"/Scarlet/Vincent, Tifa/Scarlet/Many Shinra guards Rape, gangbang
Vicious Plan Yuffie/Cloud/Cid, Rude/Elaine, Tifa/Guard Rape
Mia the Assassin Series
Davis Dies the Hardway Mia/Davis EXTREME Cruelty, Gore, Torture, Watersports, Dark humor
Death Suits her Well n/a  
Mia's Dark Task n/a Violentic/Dark humor
Removing Silk Gloves Mia/Veemon EXTREME cruelty, Gore, Torture, Mutilations, Dark humor
Mia Makes a Mistake Mia/Olei Dark/Humor
Paybacks are Hell Anna/Mary Transexual/Rape/Blackmail
Gaze Into the Eyes of a Monster Gatomon, Davis/Veemon, Patamon/Gatomon, TK/Kari, Veemon/Agumon Masturbation, Yaoi, First-time, MEGA Lemon
Davis Dies the Hard Way Mia/Davis EXTREME Cruelty, Gore, Torture, Watersports, Dark humor
I Shall Fuck Your Corpse Tonight Mysterious man/Sora, Mysterious man/Kari EXTREME Cruelty, Gore, Torture, masturbation, rape, vore
Can a Demon Love? N/A Lime, shortie
Jax VS Luciantmon N/A Yaoi, forced sex
Messed Up Story Link/Rosetta, Ganondorf/Zelda/Link/Dragon/Rosetta, Malon/Link, Malon/Malon's Mom/Zelda/Dragon, Malon/Epona, Zelda/Rosetta/Link Orgy, masturbation, threesomes, rape, beastility, Comedy lemon
Bam Bam Shiga Wang! Veemon/Yolei, Ken/Gatomon, WereGarumon/Kari, Ken, Alice/Guilmon, Kari/Patamon, Ken Rape, masturbation with RAGE, forced sex, Comedy lemon
Man with Bright Green Umbrella Kari/Man, Kari, Nancy/TK, TK, TK/Kari, ??? Rape, masturbation, vore, incest, Violent
God is in his kingdom and all is well in the world Shinji/Asuka, Kaji/Misato Masturbation on comatosed girl
Sweet as Mommas pie Davis/Kari Anal, virgin
Price of dishonesty (Continuation of Sweet as Mommas pie) Davis/Sora, Davis/Sora/Kari Watersports, sexual torture, restration, bi sexual, humorous
Kari's anal trouble Kari/Tk Anal, virgin, humorous
Gwagogoo Raven/Starfire/Robin/BeastBoy/Cyborg Spanking, hermaphrodite, orgy
God is in his kingdom and all is well in the world Shinji/Asuka, Kaji/Misato Masturbation on comatosed girl
Is that lolly in your pants daddy? Ben/Ann/Jessie Incest, hermaphrodites, young, baby
Aion panna ruumistasi t�n� iltana n/a N/A
Degeneration n/a Lime
Jax vs Luciantmon Jax/Luciantmon Yaoi, forced sex
Breaking Something Beautiful Mariamon/Kari EXTREME rape, giant dicks, shemale, scat, watersports, vomitting, guro, snuff, virginity, young, hard vore, masturbation
Kari's First Tender Time Young sister/Sora, Twins/Mimi, Talera/Yolei, Feralzen/Xel/Talera/Twins/Young sister/Digidestined boys/Kari. Rape, gangbang, forced nudity, virginity, anal, shemales, macro dicks, forced drunk, hermaphrodites, extremely muscular women. Constains EXTREMELY disturbing epilogue.
Hell on Earth Sapphire/Feralzen/Nuns/Demons Loli/Herms/Vomit/Scat/Virginity/Macro cock/EXTREME Rape/Guro/Snuff/Torture/Unbirthing/Black mail/Religious themes
Cream Filling Amy/Feralzen/Sapphire/Humadrions Rape/Loli/Muscular/Giant dicks/Vomit/Scat/Watersports/Gangbang
Fall of a Queen Relmina/Feralzen/Adventurer Monster/Giant dicks/Rape/Scat/Vomit/Vore/Digestion/Guro/Gruesome/Threesome/EXTREME (Read at your own risk, is considered the most sickest story so far)
*Burly Heart* Ophanimon,Seraphimon, Devimon, Leomon/MISTER SICK T, Ophanimon, Agumon, Leomon, Devimon Masturbation, mind control, orgy, violent themes
[Non-Digimon Lemons] Evangelion: Asuka The Toilet Slut Series
Hangover Crap Misato/Asuka Scat
Everyone Loves Enemas Asuka/Misato/Ritsuko Enemeas, Scat, Yuri, Virginity, Young

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