Metal Mikemon

A Fortunate Accident Tai/Kari Incest
A Weekend To Remember Mimi/Izzy/Joe  
Bond, T.K. Bond T.K./Kari/Sora/Mimi  
Back In The Digital World Agumon/Biyomon & Gabumon/Tentomon/Palmon & Patamon/Gatomon  
How Much I Care Tai/Kari Incest
Brother Or Sister? Kari/Mimi YURI
Paying The Piper Rosemon/Lillymon YURI
The First Time Is Always Special Metal Mikemon/Christine  
Guardian Angel Christine/Angemon  
The 'Islander' Series
How It All Began N/A Part 1
Painful Pleasure LadyDevimon/Metal Mikemon Part 2
New Allies, New Enemies Christine/Gatomon Part 3
Questions Answered, Questions Asked Piddowomon/Andromon Part 4 / Rape
A Little Favor Kari/Agumon Part 5
Conversions And Surprises Gatomon/Patamon/Christine Part 6
The Obstacle Course Metal Mikemon/Myotismon Part 7 / YAOI
The Beginning Of The End N/A Part 8
An Ugly Thing Called War N/A Part 9
Many Paths, One Goal N/A Part 10


I usually have reserved feelings about incest, but the first lemon by Mikemon here didn't upset me at all. I enjoyed it more than I thought, and it's no easy task to change my view on something. [Togashi]

He's a really skilled writer and I appreciate the fact that he includes some of the lesser known writers (a.k.a ME!) in his islander series. [Mike]