Lord Tarsisk

The 'Overdose' Series
Chapter 1 T.K./Davis & T.K./Kari & Daisuke/Dad contains YAOI
Chapter 2 T.K./Davis & Yolei/Davis contains YAOI, racism, and rape
Chapter 3 T.K./Davis YAOI
Chapter 4 BlackVeemon/BlackBiyomon  
Chapter 5 Cody/Sayura rape
Chapter 6 Cody/Sayura rape
The 'Little Red Riding Ruki' Saga
Chapter 1 n/a lime
Chapter 2 Renamon/Rika contains YURI and rape
Chapter 3 Renamon/Rika YURI and rape
Chapter 4 Takato/Renamon/Rika rape
Chapter 5 Takato/Rika death and angst


So far so good I've only read chap 1 and 2, they've been good, I'm aching to read chap 3 now ... [Shinevkin]