Lord Patamon

Hope and Light, Eternal Love Patamon/Gatomon, TK/Kari  
The 'Light My Heart' Series
*Chapter 1: Rainy Days Bring Good Things* Gatomon/Patamon  
*Chapter 2: Morning Shocks, Picnic of Doom and Hot springs of Love* Gatomon/Patamon  
The 'The Digimon Love Troubles' Series
Choices from the heart Gatomon/Patamon  

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Likes:Takari, PataGato, TK, Patamon, Gatomon, Romance, Plot
Dislikes:Character Bashing, Mostly TK and Patamon bashing

About the Author:

Hello everyone, I thought it was time to introduce myself.... even if I have some years now as author here on DaD. Anyhow my name is Lord Patamon and I'm a big fan of Takari and PataGato, but that doesn't means that I won't try other pairings soon, I want to try more options to expand my writing more, it will be a slow thing but eventually I will post a lemon with a different pairing. I hope you enjoy my work and any comment is welcomed.