Lord Archive

Sex, Drugs and Rock n' Roll Takeru/Hikari/Daisuke & Yamato/Sora/Taichi/Akira & Tailmon/Vamdemon &Takashi/Mimoji & Chizuru/Yutaka Orgy / Rape / drugs / mild Yaoi
Lessons Jyou/Daisuke YAOI
Unforgiven Ruki/Takato  
Baby Play Takato/Juri & Mr. Matsuda/Juri & Takato/Mrs. Matsuda  
Questioning Thy Self Daisuke/Hikari  
Courage Takato/Juri Dark
The 'Red Digivice Diaries' Series
Not Normal T.K/Kari Part 1
Relationships Sora/Tai Part 2
The Wolf Matt Solo Part 3
Moving On Gatomon/Wizardmon & Tailmon/Patamon Part 4
Birds, Bees, And Digimon T.K./Kari & Patamon/Tailmon Part 5
Cast Aside Davis/Yolei Part 6
Discoveries Izzy/Yolei Part 7
Caught Sora/Tai Part 8
Accidents Happen Davis/Yolei Part 9
Consequences T.K./Kari Part 10
Announcements N/A Part 11
Long Distance Joe/Mimi Part 12
Slumber Party Kari & Yolei/Yukimi & Yolei/Davis/Dachi Part 13 / YURI
Obsession Ken/Jun Part 14
Celebration Tai/Sora Part 15
Reception Joe/Mimi Part 16
Barefoot and Pregnant T.K./Kari Part 17
Chocolate and Whip Cream Tai/Sora Part 18
The Longest Night V-mon/Sorcerymon, Henry/Teresa Part 19
Casanova Part 1: Daisuke's Groove Daisuke/Ninami, Daisuke/Miyako, Daisuke/Musume Part 20
Casanova Part 2: Uncertain Mother Daisuke/Miyako Part 21
Neo Digimon - Digital War Uncensored
The Call n/a  
You're in the Army Now n/a Lime
Briefing On The War n/a  
First Sortie n/a  
Mission Of Courage n/a  
A Killing War n/a  
Hunted n/a Lime
Munitions are Dusted n/a  
Call For Support n/a  
Break Through n/a  
Hope Soars n/a  
Security Breach n/a  
Battle For Survival n/a  
Battle Plans Renamon/Ruki YURI / Comedy
Assault on Factorial Fortress n/a  
Fall Of Overdell Bakemon/Pyocomon Rape / Violence
Beginnings And Endings n/a  
Verses the Dark Lieutenant, Panjamon n/a  
Battle for File Island n/a Lime
Hollow Victory n/a  
New Mission Kari/Daisuke  
Occupied Territory n/a  
Sea of Sand n/a  
Arena of Death n/a  
Adrift n/a  
Safe Ground Koushiro/Miyako, Vamdemon/Tailmon CONTAINS Rape
The 'Tamer's Spring Vacation' Series
Untamed Desires?! Ryo/Cyberdramon & Birdramon/Growlmon & Suzie/Lopmon Contains YAOI
Return of Innocence Lost Juri/Takato  
Lovers' Hideaway Kenta/Renamon/Marine Angemon, Ruki/read to find out  
The 'Red D-Arc Diaries' Series
Freedom Renamon/Impmon & Renamon/Beelzemon  
Party Time! Takato/Jeri & Kenta/Kazu contains YAOI
The Worst of Days Ryo/Rika  
The Love of Friendship Takato/Jeri  
The Edge of Tomorrow Yamaki/Reika (Riley)  
Call Of Duty Takato/Juri  
'The Shuffle' Series
A Day Gone to Hell n/a Part 1
Hellish Expanation n/a Part 2
I Lay Me Down to Sleep Joe (solo) Part 3 / Masturbation
Adjustment Troubles Joe (solo) Part 4 / Masturbation
Trouble of Curiosity Izzy (solo) & Yolei (solo) Part 5 / Masturbation
Wanna Be A Rock Star n/a Part 6
The Grass Isn't Greener    
One Person's Heavenly Dreams is Another's Nightmare Yamato/Sora & Sora(solo) Masturbation
Of Chosen and Digimon n/a  
The Light of Faith n/a  
Pure Knowledge n/a  
The 'How Did THAT Happen?' Series
Beauty and the Beast?! Leomon/Mimi  
Life's Little... Surprises?! n/a Comedy / Part 1
Birth, Birth and More Birth?! n/a Comedy / Part 2
Coming to Terms?! n/a lime/contains YAOI
Home Coming?! Cody/Noriko & Armadimon/Toy Agumon & Tai/Sora Rape / Scat
Trouble Free?! Iori/Sayuri, Iori/Sayuri/Psychemon/Armadimon Contains Rape
Unknown Questions?! Davis/Hidari, Wormmon/Migi Contains Masturbation


I loved the series and i can not wait til the next one [s.l.]

I like your stories its one of the best i ever read especially The Red Digivce Diaries [SikCrene0217]

Archives' fics are the most realistic fics I've ever read [Goeleven]

Lord Archive is the best lemon writer I've seen so far. I especially like how he develops the plot for his lemons it makes them more interesting he is definitely above most digihentai writers. [Red Xlll]

You need to read what lord archive writes to believe that fics of this quality really exist, keep on it Lord Archive you are great!!!! [Spot]

I've followed almost all of your fics that I have found, mainly "Red Digivice Diaries" And the "Red D-Ark Diaries", I have enjoyed your writings and look forward to reading more of your works in the future. [The Digital Dragoon]

This author makes the most believable lemons I have ever read. His lemon deal with deeper meanings such as pregancies, digimon crossbreeding and stigmata. It is one of the most engrossing stories I have ever read. [Red Rover]

Truly a master, Lord Archive is by far one of the best lemon writers around. Blending humor, interesting plots, good ol' sex and violence and good characterization can be tough, but this man does it all and more. His work was the first digi-hentai I was ever exposed to, and it hooked me. Thank you, Lord Archive. [_agz_]

Amazing! You're one of the best authors here! I hate fics that are solely dedicated to sex. Nothing but cheap pornography, really. Your stories are unbeliveably realistic, showing what sex really is, and that it is more than just lust. 'Not Normal' of the Red Digivice Diaries was simply enthralling. It actually made me a bit depressed. Poor Daisuke. Anyway, keep up the good work! Seeing your writing, I feel compelled to post some fics of my own. [Fist of Fate]

Awsome! I'm one of the biggest fans of your work, keep up the good work. [pyroshadow]

when is a new Red Digivice Diaries comeing out i realy wanna know what happens to everyone. i guess you could say i'm addicted to them. thanks for writeing an awsome series. [devlin]

are you gonna make a sequil to The 'Red Digivice Diaries' Series? Not Normal/Consequences/and Barefoot and Pregnant [Kari Lover]

beutiful stories... you insiperd a story based on crossover of DBZ and Digimon [Alexander "anime freak" thom]

You should make a continued story about matt and tai having sex [robert]