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Shout Out Loud Taiki and Shoutmon gay, oral, rimming, anal sex
Shorty: My Sunshine Wormmon and V-mon Romance, no sex
Playing with Marshmallows Yamato and Gabumon Enema, Diaper, Suppositories, food play, toilet use, gay
Shorty: Guilmon’s Snack Guilmon Masturbation, food play
Anytime Moumantai Jian and Galgomon Gay, sex, kissing oral, anal
Shorty: Agumon’s Hypnosis Agumon, Tailmon, Veemon, Tentomon Hypnosis, Public Masturbation
Gomamon’s Treat Joe and Gomamon Sex, Gay, Oral, rimming, Foodplay
Survival of the Fittest Renamon, Palmon, Puppetmon, Tanemon Foot focus, safe, comedy, humiliation
Survival of the Fittest: Snuff Version Renamon, Palmon, Puppetmon, Tanemon, Floramon Foot Focus, snuff, comedy, humiliation
Baby Salamander Takuya and Flamemon First person, kissing, oral, anal, sex, gay
Gabumon’s Digiflu Treatment Gabumon, Yamato, Joe and Gomamon. Medical fetish, enema, no sex
Gabumon and Greymon’s fun in the forest Agumon/Greymon and Gabumon, Taichi Kissing, sex, size difference, fisting, voyeur, gay
Starting on a High Note Yamato and Gabumon Oral, gay
Ken’s Remorse Ken and Wormmon/Stingmon Bath, kissing, spanking, humiliation, verbal abuse, sex, gay
As you wish, Ruki Ruki and Renamon Lesbian, Oral, minor overprotective/voyeur
Let the Bed Bug Bite Koushiro and Tentomon Light bondage and Dom/Sub, gay

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About the Author:

I am a person who sometimes has dirty fantasies about Digimon, and sometimes I write those dirty fantasies down so I can share them with the world.