BWG's Domination Ryo/BlackWargreymon Yaoi, Violence
Heat of the Season Charizard/Hax Yaoi, Rape, Death, Violence
The 'King of the Koopas' Series
Episode 1 Bowser+Kashyyk Yaoi, Semi-Consent
The 'Anthro' Series
Episode 1 Sen/Zack Yaoi, NC
The 'Dark Encounter' Series
Episode 1 BlackWargreymon/Growlmon Yaoi
Episode 2 BlackWargreymon/Red Flamedramon Yaoi

At a Glance

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Writing Preferences:

Likes:Yaoi, Lemons, Flamedramon, BlackWarGreymon, Sky The Crocodiles Art, ExVeemon, Furries, Scalies, Chinese Food, and Lots of Yaoi art in one place xD
Dislikes:Yuri, Impmon, Renamon -she is way overrated-, Digimon art or lemons including Humans, When he cant get to DigiDomain ^_^

About the Author:

I like Yaoi. Lots n lots of Yaoi o.o;;
I'm actually bi, but i dislike hetero or yuir pairings with any form of Hentai. Onleh into teh women in real life. I'm addicted to skilltex -YAY SKITTLEZ!- and BlackWarGreymon *drool*.
I love Sky The Crocodile, Quezacotl, Clarence T and I ADORE Glenns work. In lemons i like Boss Reo, Gabumon BuBu, and Grifter T. Wolf. I'm currently learning to draw Digi Yaoi, and maybe ill have some up soon :D