The 'A new Start' Series
Aqua's Suffering AquaVmon/Marika Rape/Torture
The Stranger AquaVmon Masturbation
Nothing to Lose    
Over It, Part 1    
Over It, Part 2 Thana (Renamon)/Aqua (Rivamon) Yuri
Quality Time Thana/Yoshi, Thana/Uma (Indaramon)  
Chapter 07: What Matters Most, Part 1 Thana/Uma  
Chapter 08: What Matters Most, Part 2    
Nothing Strange Human/Flamedramon Yaoi

At a Glance

Contacting Info:

E-Mail: jazame_2@hotmail.com

Writing Preferences:

Likes:Rape, Bondage, NC, Yaoi, Yuri
Dislikes:Fetish, Watersports, Gore (if not use properly), maybe Bloodsports.

About the Author:

Well, I was born in Mexico, but for the last two years I moved to Canada for
studying reasons originally. I've been reading most of the work in this
place and simply felt interested in doing this, but I was unable due to
school issues. I always wanted to hear more of AquaVmon and Aquarivamon,
maybe more pictures of her, she is such a beautiful character and I feel
like writting more stories about her. If anyone is able to find pictures of
her, please send me some.


Very good , Throw in some yuri & head games [Dragon's Kai]