Insane Impmon

Ménage à trois the Digital Way Lopmon/Impmon  
Ménage à trois the Digital Way 2 Ai/Mako/Impmon Incest
Untitled Tomoko/Ranamon  
Grave Consequences
Truth & Dare from Hell Izzy/TK/Davis/Cody/Matt/Tai Yaoi
The 'Unpleasant Surprises' Series
Part 1 Rika/Takato lime
Part 2 Kazu/Ryo & Kenta/Jeri & Henry/Rika & Takato/???  
Part 3 Henry/Suzie & slight Henry/Takato  
Part 4 Takato/Rika  


decently wrote but the part i liked the best was your pairings so different it made it even more exciting. GOOD JOB! [Anis]