Herr Mullen

The Series
Public Transport N/A  
Digivolution and the Like N/A  
Hallowe'en Matt/Tai, Ken/Daisuke, Izzy/Yolei CONTAINS Yaoi
Rather Camp Matt/Tai, Ken/Daisuke, Izzy/Yolei CONTAINS Yaoi and slight Yuri
Yamato's Fall From Friendship, Sora's Fall From Love Matt/Sora  
Christmas Bumper Story Pack Davis/Kari  
Honey Cap T.K./Davis Yaoi
Beastiality T.K./Gatomon  
Time for an Odd Fetish T.K./Davis Yaoi, Contains Male Pregnancy
Golden Afternoons Matt/Tai, Matt/Gabumon Yaoi, Lime
The Speckled Band Izzy/Jyou Yaoi
Moment, Tai Matt/Sora Semi-Lime
Old Reliable Mimi/Jyou  
I Don't Care if You Love Me Anymore T.K./Kari  
Don't Mess With Tuxes Veemon/Wormmon Yaoi
Sitting in a Tree Koushiro/Daisuke, Patamon/Tailmon, Hikari/Takeru. JULY 2006 - Author of the Month Contest Winner, Yaoi

At a Glance

Contacting Info:


Writing Preferences:

Likes: All the male digidestined from series one and two, well written character pieces, yaoi
Dislikes: Series three, and I'm not a big fan of digimon sex, though, if it's well written, I can enjoy it

About the Author:

My favorate author on the DaD has to be Lord Archive. He was the first digimon lemon writer I read on the DaD and, even if he doesn't write much Yaoi, I love his work and draw on his sex scenes for inspiration. Style is the most important thing in my work, and I dedicate a large amount of my efforts into the style of the piece.