Hell Ravenmon

Mistaken Identity Matt/'Mimi'  
Long Time No See Sphinxmon/Tai Rape
The 'New Experiences' Series
New Experiences: Part 1 Transamon/Sora Part 1 / Rape
New Experiences: Part 2 Sora/Matt/Gabumon/Biyomon Part 2
Two Lone Heart WarPuppetmon/DeathLillymon  
A Romantic Treat MarineFerretwomon/WarFerretmon  
United Shaddow ShaddowSphinxmon/HellRavenmon  
Blackmail HellRavenmon/MetalTransamon/ShaddowSphinxmon  
Orders Are Orders DarkNovamon/MetalTransamon  
His Dream Girl Christine/Ken  
The Spider's Catch Arukenimon/Christine  
Noble Love Jun/Roi  
The 'Behind The Scenes' Series
Shakespearian Love Davis/Mimi Part 1
Kari, Innocent? Kari/Flamedramon/Shurimon Part 2


Hell Ravenmon has been such a great deal of help with the cool new Message Board, and now he's writing lemons for me. I'm glad he's not asking for salary ;) [Togashi]