Hazan Z

A Chilling Experience Kimahri/Wargreymon/XVeemon YAOI / FFX crossover
That Damn F#$%ing Letter! Tai/Sora, Agumon(Wargreymon) / Biyomon(Garudamon)  
That Damn F#$%ing Letter!  Part 2 Matt/Jun, Veemon/Gatomon, Hawkmon/Biyomon/Agumon  
The Fox and the Wolf Renamon/Gallon Darkstalkers crossover
Rena And Gallon Once Again Gallon/Renamon, Leomon/Felicia Darkstalkers crossover
A Wish That Came True Leomon/Jeri  
How Do You Like Your Ice Cream? Terriermon/Renamon/Guilmon  
The Basics of Love Leomon/Renamon  
The Icy Peaks Zudomon/Blizzarmon/Panjyamon Yaoi
The Perfect Picture Hawkmon/Biyomon  
The 'A Bit Too Furry' Series
Oh My Dear Renamon Leomon/Renamon  
Oh My Dear Leomon Leomon/Renamon  
An Adventure Of My Own
How It Began BlackWarGreymon/Renamon, Leomon/Angewomon  
What Happened Then... n/a  
The Journey Continues Gomamon/Lillymon/Terriermon  
Meeting New Friends Leomon/Renamon  
Truths Revealed BlackWarGreymon/Angewomon  
A Journey's End? n/a  
Beyond the Adventure
Enter Vermon, the Heartless Hunter Renamon/WereGarurumon Rape
The Blackness of a White Heart n/a  
Dulce Postre Leomon/Renamon  
Tempting Temptation Vermon/Fairymon  
Gazimon Prime Gazimon/Fairymon  
Eternal Punishment n/a  
New Threat, New Adventure
A Visitor from a Forgotten Past Leomon/Renamon  
Unfulfilled Promises n/a  
A Journey Beckons Gazimon/Fairymon  
The 'What Digimon Want' Series
Awakening n/a  


Just love his "Adventure Series". Look out Red, He's coming for ya! [SaberGatomon]

I loved all of your Adventure Series! Leomon and Renamon seem such a perfect couple! I just love the personality clashes! [SaberGatomon]

i really liked your crossover with Khimari. it was a great idea, but you could have done a little more tweaking. For about a month i dreamed of Khimari every night when i started playing that game ;) [LuPik]

Your Renamon and Gallon stories R top qualaty! Please do some more!!!!!!!!!!! [Renaqueen]

Awesome stories!Renamon and Gallon make a great couple.I have never read such great stories about Renamon!I'v got to tell my friends about this web site!!!Make another story about Renamon and Gallon!Hazan_Z,YOU'RE THE BOMB!!!! [Dark Wolf Girl]

Renamon/Gallon? A pairing I never though of before, but now I wondered how I lived without. Hazan_Z does excellent Dark Stalker crossover lemons, but that should distract us from his great regular lemons. [Red Rover]

I like the adventure stories, keep it up dude. Really dying to see what happens next on "New Threat, New Adventure". [Cambot99]

Wow! You're great Hazan_Z! Keep writing this brilliant stuff! [PokePimp]