Grifter T. Wolf

The 'Digital Yiffers' Series
Digimon: Ditial Yiffers Weregarurumon/Flamedramon Part 1 / YAOI
A Chance Encounter Weregarurumon/Flamedramon/Wargreymon Part 2 / YAOI
Wind Chill Factor Weregarurumon/Flamedramon Part 3 / YAOI
Lion's Game Weregarurumon/Flamedramon/Leomon Part 4 / YAOI
Gomamon's Zudo-Rape Zudomon/Puppetmon Part 5 / YAOI / bondage / nonconsensual masturbation
Matt's Muse Matt/Weregarurumon Part 6 / YAOI
Digimonster Rancher: First Encounters Weregarurumon/Flamedramon/ Leomon/Tiger/Hare/Greywolf Part 7 / YAOI
Water Play Gomamon/Patamon Part 8 / YAOI / suffocation
All in a Hard Day's Work Ex-Veemon/Wargreymon Part 9 / YAOI / masturbation
Prying Eyes and Tentacle Creatures Leomon/Tiger Part 10 / YAOI / tentacles / masturbation / restraint
Bonds Zudomon/Growlmon YAOI


I love your work Grifter, and you need to write more.. you stories actually got me started on my own.. as soon as i figure out where the floppy i left them on is im hoping to get them on here :) keep it up! [LuPik]