Gatomon's Slave

Digilemon Veemon/Patamon/Gatomon & Tag & Veemon/Tag/Gatomon rape/contains masturbation
Digilemon 2 Veemon/Tag/Gatomon rape/humiliation
Digilemon 3 Tag/Gatomon rape/humiliation
Goodbye Gatomon/Gabumon & Veemon/Gazimon R.I.P.


I think that the overall story wasa good the plot, the story line, ect. they were all good. The only thing i think that you should have left out was the part of when GATOMON killed her self. I think that if you did an autobio. of the life, you should have Veemon. The reason that I am saying this is because GATOMON is one of my fav. digimon. I hope that you do make more storys because you are a good writer. You could go to college for a writing progam. [Drake Dark]

I agree with Drake Dark on all points, your stories are grate and I hope to see more one day! [SkullAgumon]